Pip's Timeline

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip meets the convict

    Pip meets the convict in the graveyard. When demanded of wittles and files, Pip returns them to him out of fear, but treats his attacker with kindness. This establishes the relationship between Pip and his benefactor, who works to repay Pip for his benevolence.
  • Pip meets Estella

    Pip meets his romantic interest, Estella, during his visits to the Satis House. He remains infatuated with her throughout the years, helplessly falling for her despite her disinterest in men. He sees Estella as the girl he wants and loves, but cannot attain.
  • Pip finds out about his benefactor

    Pip discovers that a large amount of money has been invested in his interest. He meets Jaggers, the lawyer accountable for the proceeds, and is curious as to who the benefactor is. Over time, he starts believing that it is Miss Havisham, and the "great expectations," relayed by Jaggers is that he is to marry Estella.
  • Mrs Joe's Death

    Pip starts to feel guilt after his sister died. At this point he is in turmoil with his life, and the unexpected death made matters worse. He felt extremely sorrowful over the funeral, even though pleaseant memories regarding his sibling was scarce. Furthermore, upon visiting Joe and Biddy he realized that he felt too high and mighty for their company
  • revelation of the benefactor

    Pip gets pissed off because he's not going to marry Estella and cries water fountains of tears. The benefactor is actually the convict, and Pip feels belittled and insulted, as if the money no longer had any worth. His hopes of marrying Estella is burnt to ashes.
  • The convict's in prison

    Pip keeps Magwitch company upon his dying hours. He realizes that this is the first time he ever encountered a death and began to feel harrowed. He confesses to Magwitch that Estella is his daughter and he is in love with her, getting all the truths off of his slate before Magwitch passes
  • Pip becomes sick

    Jailed for debt, Pip begins hallucinating about Mrs. Joe, Orlick, Joe, and his childhood life. He repeatedly sees Joe's face and feels guilty for abandoning the person who cared about him the most, only to wake up and to see Joe taking care of him. He realizes what true friendship and kindness is