Pip's and Tiffany's Life

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip meets Convict

    Pip meets the convict in the marshes. This event is important because if Pip had not met the convict, then he would not have gotten enough money to become a gentleman.
  • Pip meets Estella

    Pip meets Estella. This event is important for many reasons. First, Pip falls "in love" with Estella and wants to be with her. Second, Estella is Pip's first expierience at social class. When Estella makes fun of him, he doesn't understand why, but soon he does. It sets him off on his wish to become a gentleman.
  • Mrs. Joe dies

    Mrs.Joe dies. It makes Pip realize that even though she has done many harshful things to him, he still loves her.
  • Pip's Benefactor

    Pip finds out who his benefactor is. After all this time he believed it to be Miss Havisham, but in the end it is not. It is really Magwitch, the convict Pip met on the marshes many years before. Pip then has his dreams of being with Estella crushed, since he sees Magwitch as someone lower than him.
  • Pip Goes to London

    After recieving money from an anonymous benefactor, Pip heads off to London to fulfill his dream of becoming a gentlemen. Here he meets Herbert and Mr. Jaggers. He goes through the process of becoming a gentlemen, his personality changing as he goes through it.
  • Magwitch dies

    Magwitch dies which leaves Pip heartbroken. Seeing the person who changed his life pass away is hard.
  • Pip Relizes

    As his journey comes to an end, Pip relizes that social class shouldnot matter in how you see people. It should not affect the way you treat them. An example of this was when Pip treats Joe harshly and then later realizes that what he did was wrong.
  • Tiffany's Birthdate

    Tiffany was born. This is the reason Tiffany is alive today.
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    Tiffany's Life

  • Vietnam Visit

    Tiffany's first Vietnam visit. This visit was important because it taught me about my culture. It also let me know a little about my dad's side of the family. Even though it was a short time that I was with them, I had a lot of fun and I got to know my cousins and family a lot more.
  • Elementary Graduation

    Tiffany graduates Elementary school. This was an important even in Tiffany's life because it ends a stage in her school career. She is now moving onto middle school, and is halfway there to graduating highschool. It was also important because she was the main dancer/speaker for the ceremoney. This gave her more confidence in herself.
  • Oxford Acceptance

    Tiffany gets accepted into Oxford Academy. She currently attends this school. This is an important event because she is currently getting a good education. Having a good education will lead you into a good college, and will soon lead to success in life. At Oxford she has also met friends that she would never want to let go distant in her life.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    Tiffany graduated 8th grade. This is the next step in her education, which is high school. This was an important event because it ended one stage of my school career, and it will soon open another stage of my career.
  • 2nd Vietnam visit

    After 6 years, Tiffany visits vietnam. Everyone has changed since the last time Tiffany visited them. After seeing her family again after 6 years, and meeting new ones that weren't born yet, Tiffany get a sense of love for her family and her culture. Not only did she and her family visit family memebers, she aso went traveling to places such as Nha Trang and Vinpearl, were she got to expierience serene beaches and eat cultural foods.
  • Softball team memeber

    Tiffany joins the softball team. It teaches her to work hard, and to support her team mates through thick and thin. It also taught her to keep her chin up, even though a fly ball might go over her head or she swings at a bad pitch. Also, being on a team gave her a sense of belongingness, and it made her confident. Meeting new people and spending a lot of time with them gave her happiness.