Pip and Maxine's Timeline

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    Pip's Life

  • Pip Meets Estella and Miss Havisham

    Meeting Estella and Miss Havisham is one of the greatest factors of Pip's life because his expectations of himself and others were created after the visit. His dreams of being a gentleman were made there, and seeing them made Pip realize the meaning of social class. He became ashamed of himself, and wanted himself to change. The faces the differences between the social classes, and falls in love with Estella.
  • Pip Meets the Convict

    Pip encounters the convict in the graveyard unintentionally. This is the beginning of Pip's adventures. He acts kindness towards the convict and steals the file and food that he requested for. Pip is terrified of the man, but he keeps his compassion toward him. He feels great guilt afterwards about stealing things for the convict and not telling anyone, and later benefits from the convict in pursuing his dreams.
  • Pip Goes to London

    Pip goes to London with high hopes. He was funded by a mysterious benefactor to become a gentleman, which he highly believes that it is Miss Havisham. At this stage of his journey, he is deeply in love with Estella and trusts that Miss Havisham wants Pip to marry Estella. Pip's youth and innocence starts to break down from this point because he learns the cruelty of the real society, and he doubts the reason for his pursuits.
  • Pip Knows the Truth

    Pip finds out the truth behind that the benefactor is Magwitch, the convict he saw when he was a boy, not Miss Havisham. He is shocked in the fact that he has been funded by a criminal, and that Miss Havisham never inteded to get him and Estella married. From this point on, Pip goes through character development and learns about human relationships. He learns that people and love are more important than wealth and social class.
  • Stories of Magwitch and Miss Havisham

    Pip finds about Miss Havisham's story in part two of the book by Herbert, and hears that her lover left her on the day of her marriage. In part three of the book, Magwitch's story reveals that the man is Compeyson, who is also the person who made Magwitch suffer in jail. With those stories told, the book all comes together.
  • Orlick Tries to Kill Pip

    Pip gets a letter from an anonymous to come to the Marshes to hear about Magwitch. But this was a trap set up from Orlick to kill Pip. Orlick had grudges against Pip because he thought that he took Biddy away from him. Pip learns that Orlick is the person who killed Mrs. Joe, and that he is the criminal. Pip saves his life by his friend Herbert.
  • Reunited

    There are two endings to the book, and the first one is Pip reuniting with his family members and Estella. She is divorced with Drummle, and they have a mutual friendship forming again. Coincidently meeting each other in the Satis House, they do not judge each other by how they look or what they have done, but just become friends, showing that social class, wealth, and looks do not matter between friendship.
  • First Day of Elementary School

    This was the day I first attended Holder Elementary School. Even though I moved a lot and swiched schools often, this is the first school that I made friends in.
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    Maxine's Life

  • Losing My Father

    In second grade, I lost my greatest supporter. Fighting a battle of cancer, he went to a better place. This has made me grow to a stronger person
  • Learn to play Violin

    I started to take violin lessons, and had interest in music. This has led me to taking advantage in school activities and having more knowledge of music. I have a big affection toward my violin because it was the last present my father has left me.
  • Basketball Craze

    From Junior High, I started playing basketball. Since then, I found my new passion that I couldn't stop. I had many injuries playing basketball, but I never stop.
  • Knee Injury

    While playing basketball, I dislocated my knee which led me to the emergency room. The price of the injury was a whole season of basketball on the bench, and I learned the importance of keeping myself safe.
  • Driving Permit

    This is the day that I obtained my driving permit. Being the oldest one in my grade, there are some up-sides, such as driving the earliest!
  • New York Trip

    I had a chance to travel to New York with my symphony orchestra at school. It was a good experience in that I got to see sites that I only saw in pictures. I haven't traveled much, and it was nice to get away from home. But I also realized how much I love my family and the feeling of home when I was away.