Pip and Justin

  • Period: to

    Pip's Century to the 21st Century

  • Pip encounters a Convict

    In the church courtyard, Pip is filled with fear as a convict with an iron leg approaches him. The convicts asks for food and a file, and the innocent Pip agrees to fetch him the items.
  • Pip meets Havisham and Estella

    Pip was invited to the Satis house as an entertainer. At the Satis House, he was able to meet Miss Havisham, a peculiar looking lady, and Estella, a beautiful woman. Pip's view of himself changes from that day on.
  • Pip recieves money from an anonymous donor

    Pip was able to recieve an abundance of money. This money is to be used to aid him in his journey to become a gentlemen, a goal that has been set in Pip's mind.
  • Pip goes to London

    After recieving his money, Pip was taken to London. He leaves his home on the marshes to live on the dirty streets of London.
  • Pip meets Jaggers, Wemmick, and Herbert

    Pip meets Jaggers, Wemmick, and Herbert in London. They become Pip's companions and aid him.
  • Abel Magwitch: The Benefactor

    Pip suspected Miss Havisham was his secret benefactor. However, Pip was shocked to find out that the convict that he has helped when he was a child is his benefactor. The name of the man was Abel Magwitch.
  • Magwitch and Pip escape

    Pip and Magwitch escaped from London, trying to prevent Compeyson from placing Magwitch into jail once again. However, they encounter obstacles which cause their mission to be unsuccesful.
  • Jazmin was born

    Jazmin was born
    With my grandma, i walked into the hospital to see my new baby sister. She's my first and only sibling I have. In a room with me, my dad, and my mom, we all looked at her with awe.
  • Rabied Dog bites my Mom

    Rabied Dog bites my Mom
    On a sunny day, my famiy and I decide to take a visit to Irvine Park to relax and enjoy our time together. As we approach the grass, my mom, who was holding food in her arms, was attacked by a dog half her size. The dog was was strong enough to rip chucnks of flesh off my mother's arm.
  • Grandma moves back to the Phillippines

    Grandma moves back to the Phillippines
    After years of my grandpa being the caretaker of both me and my sister, she decides to go back to her home country. Her old age and fragileness is not suited for hectic America. Also, she very much misses my Grandpa. It was difficult saying goodbye to her.
  • New Elementary

    New Elementary
    It was my first day of a new elementary. It was an odd change because I was already in fifth grade, however my new elementary, Benito Juarez, is so much better than my old, James Guinn. There was better people and better teachers, and I had felt comfortable.
  • Acceptance into Oxford Academy

    Acceptance into Oxford Academy
    Transition from elementary to highschool is huge, and I felt so grateful that my highschool is Oxford. It's unique from every other highschool because of the friendly enviroment. First day of school was suprisingly not as frightening as I thought it would be.
  • The Friends in my life

    The Friends in my life
    All my friends mean so much to me and influenced my life in a great matter. School wouldn't be the same without them. There are so much memories with close friends, but this event is a general event that has changed my life.
  • My Dad and I arguing

    My Dad and I arguing
    After a fun day of playing with my friends, my dad and I got into a big arguement. He said things that definately made me view things differently. At that moment, his face looked so aged. His eyes were tired and his face was not youth filled.