Pip and I

By nico_97
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    Pip's Life Map

    Pip's seven most significant events in his estimated timeline in Great Expectations
  • The Story Begins

    Pip, only six years old, meets a convict out by a churchyard. The convict threatens him to bring him food and "vittles." Pip, being young, is terrified, and brings the convict his necessities. This event exposes Pip to a different kind of person. Pip starts to feel the feeling of guilt and worry because of his actions for the convict.
  • The Fair and the Old Maidens

    Pip, accompanied by Pumblechook, goes to the Satis House, where he meets Estella, a beautiful but mean young girl, and Miss Havisham, an old, dirty woman in a worn down wedding dress. This event causes Pip to fall in love with Estella, who will cause him great suffering during his pursuit for her. Pip starts to feel like he should become uncommon in order to impress her.
  • Great Expectations

    Pip learns from Mr. Jaggers that he is a going to be "brought up as a gentleman [with] great expectations," (139). Pip has to leave his family behind and move to London. This event causes Pip to act arrogant and snobby, excited to leave. Before he leaves, however, Pip realizes how much he will miss his family and regrets acting mean. This event also causes the start of Pip's journey to becoming a gentleman.
  • The Unbelievable Truth

    Pip meets Magwitch, who he realizes is the convict he helped many years ago. Magwitch tells him that he is Pip's benefactor. Pip also learns that Magwitch might be killed if caught. This event causes Pip to show his kindness because he decides to protect Magwitch as his friend instead of giving him up as a convict.
  • Candles and Moths

    Pip visits Miss Havisham and Estella and confesses his love to Estella. Estella, however, states that she is marrying Drummle and she has and never will have feelings for Pip. This situation allowed Pip to be brave and express his feelings to Estella. It also causes Miss Havisham to feel pity for Pip, which will affect him later.
  • Saving the Old Damsel in Distress

    Pip has just recently visited Miss Havisham and she asks him to forgive her. Pip easily does so and leaves. He worries that Miss Havisham is in trouble and goes back up. Pip is able to save her from the fire. This event symbolizes how forgiving and mature Pip is to be able to go back and save the person who has caused him great suffering.
  • Losing a Friend

    Pip and Magwitch carry out their plan to escape, but are stopped by the police. Magwitch is carried off to jail and becomes sick. As Magwitch is about to die, Pip tells him of his daughter, Estella, who is alive and well. This event shows how Pip can be a very caring friend and how he has matured from the six year old boy at the beginning.
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    Nicolas's Life

    The seven most significant events in my life.
  • Broken Arm

    When I was four, I was jumped off my bed and into a wall. I broke my right arm and needed a cast. This event has made me a safer and more cautious person, making sure that I listen to my parents and not to jump on my bed.
  • Almost Drowning at a Birthday Party

    When I was about six, I attended my friend's, Kaylin's, sixth birthday party. I was very excited because we were friends since kindergarten and she had a pool. My aunt had a pool, but I also used a lifejacket. When I saw the pool, I jumped right in, forgetting that I didn't know how to swim. What can I say? I love the water. I almost drowned and my friend's father saved me. This event helped in my development because it led to me learninig how to swim, which is now my favorite sport.
  • 1st day of Oxford

    August 31, 2009 was my first day of Oxford Academy. I was a bit nervous, but was more mad because I was forced to leave all my friends. I had heard how challenging Oxford was and had no intention of wanting to go. This event played a role in my development because it became the start of many other events. I am glad that I was accepted into Oxford because now, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here.
  • Switching Piano Teachers

    My first piano teacher, Coco, was leaving California to go to Florida to go to college. She was going to learn how to be a pharmacist. I was very sad because I really liked having her as a teacher, even though I disliked playing the piano. My new piano teacher was a much tougher teacher and my dislike for the piano grew even more. This event has taught me that you don't really know what you have until you've lost it. I realized that I should've cherished every lesson with my first teacher.
  • Walk for Hope

    My first Key Club volunteering event was the Walk for Hope at El Dorado Park. I went with my friend Reah and I was very excited to volunteer. It was a long walk to the volunteering place and the people were very nice. I helped guide people where to park, held stop signs for the walkters, and hung out with my new friends after. This event has made me realize how much I love volunteering and now, I want to volunteer all the time.
  • Being on the Oxford Swim Team

    In freshman year, I decided to join the Oxford high school Swim Team. I was kind of excited and nervous because this was much harder than Intramural sports. We practiced at night and during one swim meet, the entire team believed a hurricane was going to occur. I don't regret joining the swim team, because it has made me a stronger and faster person. I am looking forward to joining again next year and am willing to work even harder.
  • 1st Oxford Choir Show

    My first show as an Oxford Academy Singer was the Broadway Show, "Legends of Broadway." I was very excited because this choir was way different than my elementary school choir. This event has played a role in my development because I have grown to become a more hardworking person and my love for being on stage has increased. I now work very hard to be perfect and hope that one day, I will get a solo for one of the shows.