Personal Timeline

  • First Time Playing Soccer

    First Time Playing Soccer
    I first began playing soccer when I was 5 years old. Later in life I'd realize how big it'd become a part of my life, but back then, I played recreationally. It was something I could bond with my dad over, considering he coached me when I was younger. I learned different skills from the sport at the young age.
  • Moving Homes

    Moving Homes
    I moved from Olathe, Kansas, to Overland Park, Kansas when I was 8 years old. My dad had changed jobs which provided the opportunity for a better life in our new home. It changed the surroundings, people, and my attitude towards life both negatively and positively. I experienced my first halloween going back to old school friends, because I had not met any new ones at my new home.
  • Changing Schools

    Changing Schools
    When I first moved, I as allowed to finish out the year at my elementary in Olathe. As 4th grade began, I moved to Timber Creek Elementary. I have vivid flashbacks from the first day of school. It hurt me, growing up, leaving my friends and having to make new ones.
  • Sister graduating

    Sister graduating
    My sister graduating was big in my family because she was the oldest child. She was my personal role model and was very mature for her age. She was a balance of both my parents and was always good at giving me advice. Thankfully, she didn't go too far, but it was my first experience being away from her.
  • Committing

    Committing to a college was huge for me in multiple ways. It was a personal decision, that involved me to mature and fully grasp what was at stake. Not only did it involve lots of my own growth and maturity, I was taught how to be respectful and grateful to the other coaches I had been talking to. The whole experience was amazing and will be everlasting.
  • Future: Going to South Korea

    My family and I are planning on going to South Korea again to visit family and let us kids see our cultures. This is planned to be in the summer, and I'm looking forward to seeing my cousins for the second time. They show different things they know about Korea and share their knowledge.
  • Future: Graduating Early

    I plan on trying to graduate in December of 2023. It's for the purpose of getting to college and getting used to everything early. Considering I will be playing soccer, the sooner I get acclimated, the better.
  • Future: College Soccer

    Since I am graduating early, I will be arriving to SLU in the spring. The spring is the off season, so I can use the 6 months to try and earn a starting spot on the team and make a name of myself while there. The goal is to give it all I have while being a student-athlete.
  • Future: Getting a Degree

    While in college, I plan on majoring in business and getting a MBA. Getting an MBA will allow me to be more successful finding a job once finished with college. I want success and results soon after college.
  • Future: Getting a job

    Hopefully, if everything goes according to plan, I will have a job coming out of college. I want to continuously earn higher roles and stronger positions. Specifically in business marketing, but whatever may happen I plan on getting to the highest level I can.
  • Reflection

    What does your time line tell you about yourself?
    I'd say it shows I've gone through changes but good things have always managed to come from it. I have adversity and hard work ahead of me, but it's not unmanageable.
  • Reflection

    How different would you be if you could have changed one or two events along your line?
    Had I not moved, I feel I would be a completely different person, due to the change of environments I would've faced. Old friends I've seen have gone down different paths and journeys that I'm grateful i'm not a part of.
  • Reflection

    How flexible or fixed does your future seem do be?
    It seems pretty fixed, but during time changes there'll flexibility along the way, knowing me. I can't stay on a fixed schedule for long, but it's good that I have an agenda.