Personal development

By jsuero
  • Date of Conception

  • First ultrasound

  • BIrth

  • First teeth

    Around this time my mother started to notice teeth comming in. I was around 7 months old.
  • Words

    During this time i was started showing signs of word processing in my mind, i would say words, and speach recognition was strong. I understood orders from my parents.
  • Personality

    I was a cute baby but had my personality, According to my parents i did not like being held by strangers and always cried when i left my mother.
  • A new member introduced

    My little brother was born and i no longer was the center of attention. I felt like i was less important than the rest and in my my mind i was less. In order to compesate for the depreciation i had to do things that would draw attention to me.
  • First evidence of cognitive development in Early and Middle childhood

    I remember that around this time i had two balls that my parents bought me. I took a walk and lost one of them down the sewer and i remember i left one them under the bed. I remembered where it was and traced the path back to where it was. i also entered grade school, and was a little on the short end of physical development.
  • Grouping toys into classes and hiearchy

    On my birthday i remember my uncle buying me an airplane and i love airplanes. I had many other toys but i know that this toy was special and it ranked higher in the hiearchy of toys. I started grouping my toys from high to low in my interest for them.
  • Interest in peers

    I found myself hanging out with people that were different than me, and started giving my friends an important place in my life.
  • Intelligence

    Ever since i was smaller i used to like sitting around adults and listen to their conversation. Now at this point of my life i found out that i could hold an intelligent conversation with adults.
  • Signs of Puberty

    At about 14 years old i started noticing certain physical development. For example people would tell me i was getting taller. I was gaining weight but loosing fat, and voice was getting lower.
  • Signs of Physical Maturing

    Facial hair and body hair started to grow on face, chest, thighs signs of the ending of puberty.
  • Perception and Judgement

    My critical thinking skills began to get acute. I could now give advice on situations, i was the mediator of the house and did problem solving between family.
  • Influences

    I was the leader of my group of friends and i influenced the social activities and taste of them, as they also influenced me.
  • Intimacy vs. Isolation

    In this stage i am debating wether i want a girlfriend or stay single. Prospects are popping up an opportunities to date have arisen, it is my choice to choose wether i want to isolate or get intimate. Faith plays a big role in this decision.
  • End of Second sexual characterisitics

    Most of all second sexual characteristics are comming to an end. Facial hair is almost fully grown, adult height has been reached or very close to being reached. Not much growth occurs durring these years if any.
  • Graduation

    At this time i should be graduated with my two year degree from nursing. Hopefully i will choose to continue with post graduate studies for my bachelors in science.
  • The kids left the house

    The kids are long gone and it feels strange. We are in the empty nest stage of life me and my wife are getting to know each other again.
  • im forgetting small things

    small notices are slipping my mind, and im forgetting familiar roads and familiar task.
  • knee replacement surgery

    Due to the high impact on the knees when younger have taken their toll on me, later in life i will have to replace my knee. The things that afected my knee were sports in general, running, and standing for long hours.