Pawns 2 Kings

  • Pawns 2 Kings Founded

    Pawns 2 Kings Founded
    In June 2011 Pawns2Kings was founded. During our exciting college careers we have established numerous connections and associates in a variety of diverse fields. Three driven students came together with a vision. The objective was to utilize our marketing skills and develop methods that will benefit businesses and individuals combined.
  • Pawns2Kings Established LLC

    We were established as an LLC through the State of Texas on October 12th 2012.
  • Period: to

    Building support with business owners in Lubbock.

    From October 2012- January 2013 we took pride in building rapport with business owners throughout the Lubbock and Dallas areas, keeping a close eye on the growth of our company.
  • Pawns2Kings Web Develpment

    In April 2013 we were thrilled to take the next step and expand our team. We created a Web Design manager position and brought along a proven Digital Application Developer to compliment the dire vision of Pawns2Kings, connecting business, clients, and individuals who kick start it all. Our innovative plans and ideas will assure business runs smoothly. We have transitioned and developed an Online Direct Sellers Store, including a distribution system through network marketing
  • Obtained Vendors License

    In July 2013 we obtained our Vendors License and Sales Tax Permit allowing us to legally operate an Online Store, access to a world of products.