• Apr 23, 1518

    Panama City is Established

  • Panama is a part of Colubia

  • Panama gains independence from Columbia

  • American Troops Invade

    The death of President Omar Torrijos
    creates a political vacuum; American
    troops invade Panama; Manuel Noriega
    surrenders to face drug charges in the
    United States Goodwin, Paul (2010-10-05). Global Studies: Latin America and the Caribbean (Page 52). McGraw-Hill/Dushkin. Kindle Edition.
  • Climate Issues

    Panama has a Tropical Marine Climate but due to deforestation there has been a rapid change in the climate.
  • Population 3,517,000

  • Current Issues

    Water pollution, soil erosion,Deforestation,and Land Degration.
  • Land

    Panama consist mostly of Rugged and Steep mountains, upland plains and rolling hills.