over the years when i was a child

By doddb4
  • my mom birthday

    when it was my moms birthday we had a huge family party for her with food and stuff like that. it was a really happy time untill my grandpa which was her dad died on her birthday so we were upset.so we had like a quiet time for the rest of the day.
  • my dads birthday

    On my dads birthday we celebrated with family and friends and a grear time togther, with food, karoke, and more!
  • the day when i was born

    Well when i was born i was a small baby, but had some mediccal issues, like i had breathing problems and i almost died. i was hooked up to a machine to help me breathe cause i couldnt breathe on my own.
  • 8th grade graduation

    On graduatons we said good bye to friends cause in high school you might loose them cause u wont have classes togther , plus some of your friends might go to a diffrent school.So it was a said moment for us that night but we got our diplomas , but in the end we all connect as close friends again.
  • Juior year

    in junior year we have certain class that we can take but u also get to choose which activities you want like foods, sports, and more ! i love high school! so glad that i graduated to come to this school.