Outreach dates timeline

By ap123
  • Week 4

    •Create a section on your website where you track evidence √
    •Ask Miss Flack to check evidence before completing table in folder √
    •Create a timeline of tasks using on of the apps showed this morning √
    •Draft a phone conversation √
  • Period: to

    Road to the Outreach Festival

  • Activity draft day

    •We are going to be preparing our activites for our stall (draft)
    •Also will be planning about what our stall will be about and where it will be placed
    •Have a list of activities that group will be happy to run
    •How much points will we spend
  • Location draft day

    •What we need
    •What suits are stall and the place its kept
    •How much group is willing to spend (XP)
  • Outreach Festival

    •Setup stall in locations
    •Make sure everyone knows what they were doing and make sure people are happy with what they're doing
    •Make everything run smoothly
    •Pack up at end of day