• Birth

    I was born in March, the third month of the year. Gladwell argues being born in the beginning of the year gives you an advantage over others that are born later in the year, I have yet to experience any situations when my birth month has given me an upper hand. I was put in soccer at a very young age and even being one of the oldest on the team, I was probably one of the worst.
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    My Whole Life

    Malcolm Gladwell claims that our ancestors and the location in which our ancestors came from, leave a cultural legacy throughout the family tree. I agree with Gladwell because I believe that many cultural traditions are still alive today in my family and I will continue them when I have a family. Ex: We are extremely family-oriented and loyal to our family, no matter what happens.
  • Generations to Generations

    Similar to Gladwell's very first claim presented of the advantage or disadvantage of a certain birth month, the time period you're born in also plays a big role in your life success. I feel as though as a child born in the 1990's and spending the majority of my life in the 21st century, my classmates and I are at an advantage compared to say, our parents.We are forced to compete much harder academically in order to surpass any potentially competition for the future.
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    10,000 Hours

    In 10,000 hours, about 10 years of practice, Gladwell believes you are to be an expert at the particular skill. Although I have not put 10 hours of practice into one particular activity, I disagree with this claim. I think it depends how invested and devoted you are to that hobby, and just how badly you want it. If for example, you practiced piano for that long just because your parents wanted you to, you probably wouldn't benefit nearly as much as someone who genuinely loves to play.
  • Summer Vacation!!

    In "Outliers", it is said that the 3-month summer vacation affects and slows down the education process greatly. I 100% agree with this claim being on a regular school schedule, with a three month summer vacation beginning early June to September. By the time we get back we have forgotten a lot of information and have to use precious time to review the past material.
  • Officially an Adult

    On this date, I will officially be an adult (18 years old). Gladwell asserts that the way we communicate is handed down from my ancestors. I find this to be quite accurate, considering the values I was taught as a child were passed down through generations. My relatives were all taught to be kind, and witty yet serious in a sophisticated setting. The values my ancestors passed down allow me to communicate and succeed in a social and professional settings.
  • Career Planning

    Gladwell argues that a high IQ does not necessarily equal success. Even with the highest IQ, you will not overcome competition without practical intelligence. Opon finishing college in roughly 2020, I will hopefully be hunting for my first serious job. In addition to the required qualifications, I will need to have practical intelligence- or the ability to win employers over with personality and wit.