Our Story

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    Our Story

  • First Concert Together

    First Concert Together
    Our first time "hanging out" alone. You wore a cute tank top and white shorts. We drank gatorade infused with rum and barely had a buzz while waiting in line to get in for over an hour. Then waited another two hours for the concert to start. You let me stand behind you and protect you from the people copping a feel of your behind :) Memorable Moments:
    1.The guy throwing up over the balcony onto that couple and them freaking out.
    2. Me taking your arm as we walked to the car afterwards
  • First Camping Trip

    First Camping Trip
    Our first trip away, what a long strange trip it was...and that's all I'll say about that. Memorable Moments:
    1. Kings
    2. You swinging yourself down to go the bathroom down the hill
    3. The log
    4. Going to rent a movie at that sketchy place we never watched
    5. Waking up next to you, entangled for the first time :)
  • Our First Date

    Our First Date
    Following up our first night together at the Bissell's we went to the Red Sox game together. Memorable Moments:
    1. Pulling up to your Mom's house to pick you up and being super nervous about it
    2. Holding your hand for the first time
    3. Being out in public with you for the first time
  • You left for school :(

    You left for school :(
    Start of the worst year of separation ever! What this caused:
    1. Us breaking the record for most text messages exchanged per day, month
    2. You being forced to listen to a sleep talker and becoming extremely frustrated
    3. Us both adding tens of thousands of miles to our odometers
    4. Me realizing no matter the distance or space between us we were always meant to be :)
  • My First Visit

    My First Visit
    My first visit of many to Westfield, the only one we stayed in a hotel. Memorable Moments:
    1. Going to Six Flags
    2. You asking me if my eyes were closed on that ride I was petrified on
    3. Leaving a nice stain on the bed at the Holiday Inn
    4. All of the special people at the Big E
  • NYC

    NYC trip, our first time to the city. Memorable Moments:
    1. Everyone on the train staring at us because they could tell we were so in love
    2. That random rapper dude telling us we'll make beautful babies and giving us his mix tape
    3. Visiting 9/11 Museum and Ground Zero
    4. That random dude in the parking lot you took pics of haha
    5. You constantly being petrified of the Muslims at our hotel
    6. All the ants in the sink in our room
  • Kid Cudi Weekend

    Kid Cudi Weekend
    The big weekend we were looking forward to all fall. Cudi then Monster Jam with Drake and Nicki the following Monday. Memorable Moments:
    1. Staying at Dodier's place on the air mattress nervous about the Nun's walking in on us
    2. You flying on that broom like Harry Potter
    3. Taking picures with those random kids
    4. Worrying if "Cudi" was going to be a reality and us walking around WSU trying to figure out how to deal with it
  • New Years in Boston

    New Years in Boston
    First New Years together, trekking into Boston for First Night. Memorable Moments:
    1. Waiting for an hour to use the bathroom in Burger King
    2. You throwing snaps at that black lady and her clearly not liking it
    3. You peeing behind a church because you didn't want to wait in line again
    4. Us buying the New Year glasses, which has become a tradition of sorts
    5. Clubbing it up in Copley Square with a bunch of weirdos
  • First Wayne Concert

    First Wayne Concert
    First Lil Wayne concert! Memorable Moments:
    1. Going to the Aquarium and seeing piranhas
    2. Seeing how excited you got when Wayne came on stage and the amount of pictures you took
    3. Pregaming and how ridiculous we look in the pics from those few hours
    4. Us driving home and realizing we were going to be separated again, and seeing you at your saddest
  • Florida 2011

    Florida 2011
    Our first long term trip together :) Memorable Moments:
    1. Seeing the manatees together
    2. Universal and Harry Potter World
    3. Gator World & those scary ass Vultures
    4. The torrential downpours the day we went to Disney
    5. Our intense racquet ball games
    6. That gigantic spider that climbed across the dashboard on the way home from Universal and how much you freaked out
    7. Not sleeping the whole way there or back
  • Country Fest

    Country Fest
    First concert at Gilette! Memorable Moments:
    1. Parking in a random parking lot and drinking for hours by ourselves
    2. Still not being drunk by the time the concert started and sitting up near the heavens
    3. Having the concert moved because of a Hurricane
    4. Us leaving before the concert was over because the performers were like ants anyway
  • New Hampshire Getaway

    New Hampshire Getaway
    Escaping society, me unemployed, you on spring break :) Memorable Moments:
  • Storyland

    First trip to Storyland! Memorable Moments:
  • Yankee Homecoming 2012

    Yankee Homecoming 2012
    Fireworks, parade, and more.. Memorable moments (every year)
    1. Breadbowls and concerts every night :)
    2. People watching on the board walk at the concert
    3. Kenzie's First Pony Ride!
  • The Big E!

    The Big E!
    Our first trip of many to fairs:
  • Moving in Together!

    Moving in Together!
    After basically having sleepovers for 2 years we finally made the move and shacked up! Memorable Moments:
    1. Painting our room together, decorating it
    2. Decorating Kenzie's room and the amount of thought and effort you put into it
    3. The tremendous feeling of coming home to you every day and knowing I'd be going to sleep and waking up next to you
  • Your Mom & Mike's Wedding

    Your Mom & Mike's Wedding
    Your first wedding! Memorable Moments:
    1. How stunning you were coming down the aisle, the moment I knew I had to be standing at the end one day waiting for you.
    2. You and Mackenzie standing up front, her in her glory the whole time
    3. The way you supported your mom that whole day
  • Santa's Village

    Santa's Village
    Camping Trip with a special visit to Santa's Village: Memorable Moments:
    1. Watching Kenzie with the Reindeer
    2. The water park and getting soaked in it
    3. Creating our ornament
  • Foxwoods 21st Birthday Weekend

    Foxwoods 21st Birthday Weekend
    You finally made it! Only to realize you can't really drink anymore haha. What a fun birthday weekend Memorable Moments:
    1. You losing pretty much all of your money, and basically being forced to leave after losing your last $20 haha
    2. Those paper thin walls at night (awful!)
    3. What a drunken mess your friends were at your party (Emily!)
    4. Your first legal drink at Surfside
  • Engaged!!!!

    The happiest moment in my life and a moment of pure excitement. You said yes! Memorable Moments:
    1. You getting so angry at me over how long it was taking you to find all of the clues
    2. The pure shock on your face when you saw me pop out of the shed
    3. When you said yes and we had fireworks!
    4. Our romantic getaway to the strange place where it seemed was run by 15 year olds
    5. Kayaking, relaxing at night with you and knowing you were going to spend the rest of your life with me (how lucky)
  • Kanye!

    I finally got to see Kanye! Memorable Moments:
    1. Those kids smoking weed in front us and screaming every lyric
    2. You looking all over for Kim the whole time
    3. Me not screaming every lyric like you thought I would!
  • First Trip as a Family

    First Trip as a Family
    Camping, Lake Winnepesaukee, Fun Spot, shopping! Memorable Moments: