By ghe5
  • When I Was Born

    When I Was Born
    All I was told was that I was born sunnyside up! "Hello world!"
  • Period: to

    The Moments of Olivia's Life

  • When I was Adopted

    My mom always told me that I was a happy baby and didn't cry that much! Yay Olivia! My sister was so happy and was lucky to have a wonderful baby sister!
  • My 1st Time I Went To Disney

    My 1st Time I Went To Disney
    I don't know what date but I was one year old and couln't go on much rides with my family! :( It was still an awsome vacation! I Got to meet Minie Mouse!
  • When I Got My Dog For Christmas

    When I Got My Dog For Christmas
    It was Christmas morning and all I heard was barking down the stairs. As my sister and I named her Maggie and we love her with all our heart! Thank you Santa!
  • When I Went on My First Cruise

    I also don't know what date this was at but I went to Haiti and Jamacia with my Grandma Torrey and Grandpa Torrey! My mom showed me a video and it looked beautiful!
  • Christmas Recital in Kindergarden

    I did a solo for "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Frount Teeth"!
  • When I Moved to NC

    All the vacations I had going there to look for houses. Some had elevators and some were so small!
  • Started Second Grade

    Right after I moved to NC I went right to Green Hope Elementry and I have had such a blast ever since! I was in Mrs. Modert's class and my very first friend I made was Alexa Forbis who was also trhe first one to give me a warm welcome!
  • My Last Year in Elementry School

    I am in fifth grade now I rule the school! :) I am in Mrs. Barksdale's class and have a lot of awesome friends!