Obese People In The World

  • The Steps to Help

    This step would likely take about six months. The things that we will need is medicine and healthy food for the obese people.
  • Period: to

    Obese People

  • The Next Step To Help

    The next step we will need to do to help improve obese people is getting all of the people that made or invent the medicine and food. We will gather the people so we could get started on the project to help
  • The Third Way To Help

    When we get the people to help us make the medicine and food we will start. First thing we will do is help the inventors to get the ingredients they need.
  • The Fourth Way To Help

    The next thing we will do is get started to make the first thing which is the medicine. We will help the inventor to get all of the supplys and start making it. Once we are finishe we will test it out if it will help the obese people in the world.
  • The Fifth Way To Help

    The next thing we will use is gather the things for the healthy food. We will start baking and mixing, for what ever it takes to help. Once we know the medicine and food are good for the obese people we will donate to every hospital that are caring for Obese people. Also i do feel like that our plan would have the effect solving the obese people is by doing all the steps that we had manage to do.
  • We Made It To Victory

    Last but not least we tested the medicine and food and it worked. We will now donate the food and medicine to the Obese people. We will make more to help and make them get better so they could see that they are safe in our World