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Noelle On the Oregon Trail

  • First we must pack

    First we must pack
    We are finally on our way to find new land to build and work! Independence, Missouri is old news so right now we almost done packing. I brought the minimum so I hope we don't need to lighten the load. The politicians and developers say that moving West is good, but I do have my doubts. *Picture(My luggage)
  • Period: to

    Noelle on the Oregon Trail

    We are on our way!
  • Leaving and linking

    Leaving and linking
    We finally have gotten to leave, after noticing we were missing some very important items... Today, we'll stop after about an hour to link up wagons with my Aunt, Uncle, and other fur trappers because they've made the trip before! *Picture(Linked wagons)
  • Disasters,Disasters

    I guess having a lot of people to travel with, isn't always the best; No one can decide on where to camp out, or when to have breaks. We even had to drop our luggage. Not to complain anymore, but the sandstorms have given us swollen lips and eyes! Even some Oxen have been injured! *Picture(Sandstorm near us)
  • Deadly Encounter

    Deadly Encounter
    Today sure was a flash to reality! We didn't know the Indians were waiting for anyone or thing unknown to find it's way into their land. We were almost shot down with their bows! Thank goodness the Oxen were hard to kill, because without them we'd be stranded! Luckily they found that we were one of the groups the U.S payed a toll for to go safely about. *Picture(Indians on the field)
  • I'm sick!

    I'm sick!
    I have never felt so helpless and sick in my life! We had to lighten our load again and drinking this foreign water has put a stop to the whole trip! There were insects in our pots and a lot of deaths have been caused, mostly because of a disease called Cholera. *Picture(Fly)
  • Crossing the Rivers---Again!

    Crossing the Rivers---Again!
    We've had to cross the river again and let me tell you it wasn't the best thing that's happened to me this trip. I guess the fur trappers weren't as experienced as we thought because they didn't know the water was so deep! Even I knew that we had to use fallen tree's as a raft; All of my things are soaking wet! *Picture(Log raft)
  • Stopping for sleep

    Stopping for sleep
    I'm so glad today is a day full of rest! It's been a long journey so far, but we are staying at the lodge tonight! I heard we'll get to mend our clothes, get some real food, share stories and even get to wash what we need! This will be great! *Picture(Lodge)
  • Almost over?

    Almost over?
    Summer is almost over and all of our animals are running getting out of food to eat! This isn't good at all, now everything suffers. Plus all of our members are losing energy and the pace is slower. We need to make it West by Septemeber! *Picture(Land with little grass)
  • Not any better, but almost there

    Not any better, but almost there
    Nothing is getting better! The tine is being lost as we speak and the animals are on the point of death...We may be close,but picking up the pace a little would help the situation;Now we have to lighten more of the load! *Picture(Lightening the load)
  • Finally, we made it

    Finally, we made it
    Finally we have made our way here and just in time to get our animals proper food and anything else they needed. Now we are starting to rest a while, but tomorrow it's back to work with building houses and getting what we need to survive. I'm just glad we made it okay, I did have my doubts! *Picture(Sawing Logs)