Nils Haggett-King

By nilsh
  • Birth

    I was born in american hospital right here in Dubai
  • 1st BIRTHDAY!!

    1st BIRTHDAY!!
    I had my first Birthday in 2001 at 4:05 which was when i was born
  • First words

    First words
    I first spoke in 2002 but I don't know when but it was in 2002
  • 1st Bike ride without trainers

    1st Bike ride without trainers
    I went for my first bike ride without trainer wheels
  • School

    This was my first day of school!
  • Atlantis

    I went to Atlantis for my birthday
  • Go karting BDAY

    Go karting BDAY
    I went go-karting for the first time and it was GR8
  • Ferrari World

    Ferrari World
    I went to ferrari world and went on the roller coaster 250 kph nothing! :D