Nets of cuboids

  • nets of cuboids

    We learned how to draw nets of cuboids and identified them by observing the nets carefully.
  • accurate nets (homework)

    We had homework to accurately draw the nets of cuboids by looking at the measurements. I found understanding where the measurements go a bit tricky but then when the teacher demonstrated it on the board,i understood it and realised how to do it.
  • accurately drawing nets (lesson)

    iIfound the work in the lesson easy. We had to draw the nets of cuboids and also draw some other shapes.
  • Plans and elevations.

    We observed complex shapes (involving angled sides) and drew the plans side elevations and front elevations.I understood the lesson well and achieved most of my learning objective-but for my target, i think i just need to remember to look at the plans of the shapes more carefully and make sure that i draw every thing in.
  • reflective symmetry.

    We learnt how to reflect complex polygonsin horizontal, verticaland diagonal lines. I found the lesson easy-although i became stuck on a few questions on the back of the sheet.
  • Reflecting polygons.

    Today we reflected polygons horizontally,vertically and diagonally in labelled lines of reflections. To add to,we made letters when we reflected these shapes. I understood the lesson well andachieved to meet my learning objective!
  • Enlargements

    In class we looked at some shapes and by observing the factor scale required, we enlarged the shapes by multiplying the sides by the factor scaleto make the shape bigger.
  • Fractional enlargements.

    In class we looked at some shapes and this time the factor scale was a fraction so we had to enlarge the shape by the fraction given.
  • Enlarging with negative factor scales.

    In class we looked at the factor scale homework and we also did a sheet in which had shapes that we had to move and enlarge by the factor scale in order to make a word.
  • Scatter Graphs

    We learnt How to interpret and draw scatter Graphs ,drawing the line of best fit ,observed if it was a negative or positive correlation and plotted the points.
  • Drawing Pie Charts

    in class we got some worksheets which were about pie charts, and by looking at the values, we worked out the degrees and using a protractor, we drew in the sections.
  • Interpering Information In a Pie Chart

    We looked at some pie charts and by observing them we worked out the fractions,values and totals of the data.