Nerms projectile project

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    TimeToast entry 1

    FActoring a quadratic equation helps us determine the path of our projectile because out of this equation we can figure out how fast it goes its starting and stopping time. So the factoring helped us break down the equation to where we can figure out the key components we need to get the accurate path!
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    quadratic formula

    The quadratic formula is a simple equation where we plug in numbers for letters. The equation makes our math easier but it also helps by giving us the key variables we need to figure out problem. We had a worksheet that was based of this formula and this formula helped us figure out the velocity how far our projectile travelled and also the path it went through. This equation was very helpfull and kept everything organized with our equation.
    For example solve x2 + 3x – 4 = 0. 2= A 3x=B 4=C
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    Projectile formulas

    To calculate horizontal and vertical distance travelled by a projectile we had two equations we needed to do and these equations were already set up but we once again had to plug in our numbers which we did but we had to to the quadartic formula first because the answer from our quadratic formula was need to calculate the horizantel distance! With this project we used a program that helped us figure out the starting point and points at different rates of speed.
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    Angles of launch

    With the calculations we found with in our group we figured out that if your launch is at a higher angle the projectile will stay in the air longer but wont travel as far but if your angle is lower you will travel further but wont get as much air. or the most air the best angle would be 90 Degrees and for the furthest distance it would be 45 degrees.