Nepal Visit

Timeline created by anupasharma
  • Travel to Nepal

    Travel to Nepal
    Flight from Dulles Airport to Abu Dhabi. 14 and 1/2 hrs flight.
  • Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu

    Abu Dhabi to Kathmandu
    Landed tired and sleepless at Kathmandu at 6 pm
  • Family Dinner

    Families and relatives from Kathmandu valley welcomed me and had dinner with us.
  • Family Visit

    We had meet and greet from family members. We took couple of days to visit all relatives in Kathmandu, and exchange gifts and gratitude.
  • Hit the road

    Hit the road
    We started our journey, first travelling to my home town of Syangja. It is 142 miles from capital Kathmandu. Mesmerizing views and nostalgic childhood memories, it took us 8 hours car drive and 1 hour of walking.
  • Back to Road

    Back to Road
    After spending a night at Syangja house, we decided to head towards place where we spend most of our holidays during childhood. Place where my mom lived, Palpa. It was a short 5 hours drive but again with absolutely amazing views of hills and rivers. We arrived there at late evening and decided to spend a night. It was long night on a village hut, and disturbing sounds of insects and birds.
  • More drive

    Next day we continued our trip towards south plain land, city called Butwal. It is a beautiful and happening place. Economy is booming in the city, and contruction of new international airport is uprising business and housing market. After few hours in the city we decided to head towards Kathmandu.
  • Detour

    We decided to head back to Kathmandu but due to traffic and road condition we decided to spend a night at Narayanghat. City also know as second capital and main hub that connects capital to throughout the country. After spending a night there we headed to Kathmandu.
  • Preparation for Party

    Preparation for Party
    When we got back to Kathmandu, we had to prepare for sister in law's wedding. New Road, is basically the main shopping area in Kathmandu. We would be able to get everything needed for the party at this place. Narrow road and small shops, carries every essential we need.
  • The big day

    Everyone was excited for the day, the day of wedding and the party. Although many people did not attended the wedding , we were sure the numbers on party will be much higher. Wedding was short in the morning couple of hour rest and then the party at night. We were all busy preparing the bridge as well as the hall for the party.
  • Rest Day

    Rest Day
    After the wedding and party, we all were tired. It was long day before. So everyone decided to take is easy the day and rest it out. Good healthy food and chit chat with family.
  • Another Shopping

    After a day of rest, we decided to buy stuffs we might need in States. Couple of hours of shopping, lunch, movie and dinner. The last day of stay of Nepal was over as well.
  • Back to States

    2 week visit can come to the end. Packing was done, meet and greet with family was completed and we headed to the airport.
  • Arrived at Dulles Airport

    Arrived at Dulles Airport
    We arrived at Dulles Airport at around 10.30 am, tired and sleepless again with almost 20 hours of flight hours. We headed straight to our room and decided to take some rest again.
    It was a wonderful trip, full of surprises, lots of road trips and number of smile faces. Finally it was done and back to regular life now.