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In History
  • Napoleon puts down royalist uprising

  • Period: to

    Campaign of Italy

  • Bonaparte becomes leader of the Army of Italy

  • Battle of Lodi

  • Battle of Arcole

    The Bridge one
  • Treaty of Campo Formio

    Arranged the peace treaty on his own
  • Period: to

    Napoleon en Egypte

  • Battle of the pyramids

  • Battle of the Nile

    Nelson wins
  • Period: to

    War of the Second Coalition

  • Coup of the 18th Brumaire

  • Period: to


  • Constitution of Year VIII

  • Creation of the Bank of France

  • Creation of Prefets

  • Narrow Victory at Marengo

  • Treaty of Lunéville

  • Concordat

  • Period: to

    French troops fighting in Haiti

  • Treaty of Amiens

    Everyone surrenders
  • Creation of Lycée

  • Creation of the Legion of Honor

  • Goes back on abolition of slavery

  • "Consul for life"

    By plebiscite
  • Creation of Franc Germinal

  • Period: to

    War of the Third Coalition

  • Louisiana Sale

  • Haiti Declaration of Independence

  • Promulgation of Civil Code

  • Constitution of Year XII

    Creates the First Empire
  • Napoleon Crowning

  • Victory at Ulm

  • Defeat at Trafalgar

  • Victory at Austerlitz

  • Treaty of Pressburg

  • Confederation of the Rhine

  • Dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire

  • Period: to

    War of the Fourth Coalition

  • Victory of Jena and Auerstadt

  • Draw at Eylau

  • Victory at Friedland

  • Treaty of Tilsitt

    up to the 9th
  • Suppression of the Tribunate

  • Secret Treaty of Fontainebleau

    Secret Treaty between Spain and France to split Portugal in exchange for the free circulation of Napoleon's troops
  • French in Lisbon

  • Law on University

  • Popular uprising deposes King of Spain

  • Popular uprising in Madrid against French

  • Period: to

    War in the Spanish Peninsula

  • French Repression

  • Period: to

    War of the Fifth Coalition

  • Battle of Aspern-Essling

    Avoided the worst
  • Victory at Wagram

  • Treaty of Schönbrunn

  • Penal Code

  • Marries Marie-Louise of Austria

  • Eaglet is born

  • Period: to

    Campaign of Russia

  • Victory of Borodino "the Moskova"

  • Napoleon shows up in Moscow

  • Start retreat from Russia

  • Period: to

    War of the Sixth Coalition

  • Victory at Lützen

    not decisive
  • Victory at Bautzen

    not decisive
  • Victory at Dresden

    Not decisive
  • Defeat at Leipzig

    Severe defeat
    Napoleon betrayed by Saxons
  • Goya paints 2/3 de Mayo

    Commissioned​ by Spain's gov but on the artist's demand
  • First Abdication

  • Treaty of Fontainebleau

  • Peace treaty of Paris

  • Napoleon flees Elba

  • Napoleon in Paris

  • Period: to

    100 days

    The war lasted 111 days
  • Victory at Ligny

  • Waterloo

  • Napoleon's death