Napoleon's Life

  • Napoleon is born in Ajaccio, France.

    Napoleon was born on this date to parents Carlo Bonaparte, and Leitzia Ramolino.
  • Young Napoleon starts military school.

    Napoleon started in military school in 1779. He was a genius boy and was the top of his class. He was a young prodigy and was a natural leader.
  • Graduation from school.

    Napoleon graduated and was ready to be a leader in the military. He was power hungry.
  • Gets promoted to General. Earns the name "Hero of Toulon"

    Napoleon was a hero in the siege of Toulon and earned himself a promotion for displaying outstanding leadership.
  • Commanding the Italian Army

    Napoleon commands the Italian army to victory over the Austrians. At this point in time, Napoleon is widely regarded as one of the prime military leaders in the world.
  • Promotion to Commander-in-chief.

    Napoleon earns yet another promotion and this makes him rich and famous. He is starting to gain attention politically.
  • Becomes Emperor.

    On this date, Napoleon becomes the Emperor of France. He used his top notch leadership skills and his militaristic power to become emperor.
  • Gets exiled for the first time.

    Napoleon was exiled twice in his life, the first being on May 4th 1814 to Elba. This exile was due to much of Europe teaming up against Napoleon.
  • Return to France and power.

    On this date, Napoleon flees from his exile in Elba and manages to get back to France. He regains power and is ready to battle the British.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon returns from exile and leads France into battle against the English. Napoleon and the French lose in a crushing defeat in what is considered one of th greatest battles ever.
  • Gets exiled for the second time.

    Napoleon is exiled yet again and sent to St. Helena.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte dies in St Helena at 51 years of age.

    Napoleon lived out the rest of his life in exile on the island of St. Helena. He died from severe stomach issues.