Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Birth

  • Napoleon meets Josephine

    Napoleon meets Josephine
    At the home of Paul Francois Barras Napoleon meets Josephine, the woman he falls in loves with and marries in march of 1796. Although later on Josephie proves to be unfaithful which cause Napoleon alot of distress. He does divorce her due to the fact that she is unfaithful and that she can not give him children..
  • Commander of the Army of the Interior

    Barras helps Napoleon win promotion to Commander of the Army of the Interior.
  • Graduation

    Napoleon graduates from Ecole Militaire in only a years time.
  • Command of french army

    Napoleon is given command of the French army in Italy
  • Brigadier general

    Napoleon successfully defeats the British ships at Toulon and is promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.
  • Napoleon Imprisoned

    Bonaparte was arrested under the suspicion that he was a supporter of Robespierre, whose fell in july of the same year.
  • Napoleons release from prison

    Napoleon is cleared of all charges
  • Promoted to General

    ·Napoleon is promoted to General of the Army of the West
  • Battle of Lodi

    Napoleon wins the Battle of Lodi
  • Batlle of Arcole

    Napoleon wins the Battle of Arcole
  • Battle of Rivoli

    Napoleon wins the Battle of Rivoli
  • Egyptian campaign

    Napoleon begins his Egyptian campaign.
  • Battle of Pyramids

    Battle of Pyramids
    Wins Battle of the Pyramids against Mamelukes in Egypt
  • First consul

    Following a coup d'etat, Napoleon becomes First Consul of the new French government
  • assassination attempt

    An assassination attempt was made upon Napoleon's life, which he escaped from
  • reforms in education

    Napoleon restructures French educational system
  • Emperor

    Senate proclaims Napoleon Emperor of France
  • Napoleon crowns himself

    Napoleon crowns himself Emperor in Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris.
  • Crowned king of Italy

    Napoleon is crowned king of Italy in Milan
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    Napoleon wins victory in the Battle of Austerlitz against Austria and Russia
  • Marriage of Marie-Louise and Napoleon

    Marries Marie-Louise, Archduchess of Austria after he divorces Josephine in December of 1809.
  • A son

    Napoleon's son born, referred to as the "King of Rome"
  • Prussia declares war on France

  • French fall to Spain

    The French fall to Spain in the Battle of Vitoria
  • Paris falls

  • End of Empire

    Senate proclaims end of the Empire; Napoleon's wife and son flee Paris. When Napoleon new he would fall into the hands of his enemy, he tried to drink the poison that he wore around his neck. Unfortunately for him the poison had gone back and made him sick. He fell into the hands of his enemy and was soon exiled.
  • Napoleon abdicates his rule

    Napoleon abdicates his rule and Louis XVIII, a Bourbon, is restored to the French throne
  • Exile to Elba

    Exile to Elba
  • Napoleon excapes from Elba

    Escaping Elba, Napoleon returns in South France
  • Hundred days campaign

    Louis XVIII flees, Napoleon takes control, begins "Hundred Days" campaign
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Defeated in the Battle of Waterloo by the British and Prussians, led by Wellington and Blucher
  • Exiled to Saint Helena

  • Death of Napoleon

    Death of Napoleon
    Though Napoleon died, his legend continues to live on.