Mystery Story on Vacation

Timeline created by Nick000
  • On United Airlines

    On United Airlines
    Sister Boss gives be a mission about objects lost in different places and 3 possible suspects; Kid, Business Man, Grandma
  • Tokyo Arrival

    Tokyo Arrival
    We arrived at Tokyo noticing the 3 suspects.
  • Emperor's House

    Emperor's House
    We go inside and see many valueble objects
  • Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji
    We arrive at Mount Fuji.
  • Mount Fuji Hotel

    We go to a naturally Heated HotTub
  • Kyoto(Picture)

  • Period: to


    We explored Kyoto
  • Period: to

    China(Shanghai, Yellow Mountain, and more...)

    I don't know the order.
    Detective Nick continues to spot more stolen objects and MORE TROUBLE.