My Timeline

By stevent
  • I was born in Vietnam.

  • Started kindergarden and learn how to swim.

  • My mom wanted me to be a talented person, so I started to learn how to play basketball and soccer since I was 6, Taekwondo also.

  • I won first place in "Blue Brush" contest. I won 3 years in a row. It is a drawing contest.

  • Many of my drawing got sold in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • I came to United States with my family.

  • First day of school in a new country.

  • First time I got bully by a big fat boy in middle school.

  • Met tons of new friends in High School

  • I got in top 20 GPA. I could've gotten into top 15 or maybe 10 but "Class of 2013" peers are too smart.