My Technology Timeline

Timeline created by miss.elizabeth.wolfe
  • Starting School

    Starting School
    When I started school I had center time on computers. This gradually changed to computer lab experiences and even assignments that we used the computers to complete research on. Towards the middle of high school, teachers requested some items emailed to them. The school provided email was very primitive. Image credit to Pinterest
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    I had watched cellular devices start to become an every day occurrence for most up until this time. Most cell phones I had exposure to were just track phones, until my parents got their first cell phone plan. I begged and begged to get one. I finally got one for my fourteenth birthday, a flip phone. I was now part of the cellular world. Image Credit to Pinterest
  • Started College

    When I started college in 2015, I started utilizing school email more and BlackBoard. A lot of professors required things turned in using that platform, but some still let you hand in paper copies.
  • Started Teaching

    Started Teaching
    As I started teaching, I noticed the state tests were no longer paper and pencil as I took them, but instead were all taken on the computer. I had to take training on this method of testing. In addition, I implemented technology wherever I could. There were tons of resources at my fingertips to plan my lessons and also things I could have my students independently work on using technology. Image Credit to Pinterest.
  • Started an Online Master's Degree Program

    I elected to take a completely online Master's program at Marshall. Even though a previous online class had been a challenge for me, I knew it would work best with my schedule. It has been a great decision. Image Credit to Marshall University.
  • Distance Learning

    I had to use the internet as a prime source to talk to my students and their parents. Most lessons from then to now have been sent online. Students have been able to post and video chat on various platforms during this distance learning time.