My Tech. Timeline

By shooop
  • I was born

    I  was born
    I was born on December 8th, 1995.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Watched TV

    Watched TV
    I watched a lot of old Cartoons when I was a little kid, mostly an a big old fat TV.
  • First access to computer

    First access to computer
    In 2002, I accesed my first computer. I used it in school to go on the internet for the first time. It was an Apple eMac computer.
  • First home computer

    First home computer
    In 2004, My family got our first computer in the house. I remember it had really slow dial-up connection. It was some old Windows/Dell model.
  • First laptop at home

    First laptop at home
    My mom got our family's first laptop in 2006. It was our first wireless computer, without dial-up. It was an HP model.
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
    I got my first cell phone, a tracfone, in 2007. It could pretty much only call. There were barely any graphics on the phone, it was mostly plain text.
  • First touchscreen menu in car

    First touchscreen menu in car
    In March of 2008 my family got our first 'high tech' car. It was a Chrysler town and country van. It had a touchscreen menu and built-in GPS.
  • Got an HDTV

    Got an HDTV
    We got our first high definition TV in 2010. It was made by Sony. It had great picture quality compared to our old TV's.
  • Got an iPhone

    Got an iPhone
    In April of 2011, I upgraded my phone. I got an iPhone 4. It was my first ever phone with internet and other features.
  • Got a Macbook

    Got a Macbook
    I got my first ever personal laptop on November. I bought it off ebay. It was used Macbook from 2009.
  • Made a timeline

    Made a timeline
    I went on the computer in tech basic class and made my first ever timeline.