My Summer

  • Last day of school

    Last day of school
    We played kickball 6,7,8th grade, we played it outside and every grade was split up. We had to take every thing out of our lockers because we were ready to leave. Everyone were saying good byes to there friends. Every one was so excited that summer was coming and that it was the last day of school.
  • Poped fireworks

    Poped fireworks
    On 4th of july we popped alot of fire works. I popped them with my friends and family. The fireworks that other people had were fun to watch too. i love how bright the firework were because they light up the sky when they go up.
  • Went swimming at south pit

    Went swimming at south pit
    I went with my friends swimming. I usually go to swim over there more than i go swimming at the hawarden pool. The south pit has fish that literally come up and bite you. I had a good time going there.
  • Went Swimming

    Went Swimming
    I usually go swimming with my friends. We have fun swimming and after the pools close we go to the park and chill til they open again. I see mostly everyone there. We have a blast swimming.
  • I went to Gladis's 15

    I went to Gladis's 15
    We had a fun time at Gladis's 15. It was so packed and crowed that there was barely any room. My brothers Alex and Jose were in Gladis 15. Gladis looked really pretty in her dress. Everyone enjoyed her quinceanera.
  • Went school shopping

    Went school shopping
    We had to go shop for our school supplies for school. We got our school supplies last minute because we barely have any time to get them sooner. It takes long to get our school supplies.
  • I went to Okaboji

    I went to Okaboji
    I had a fun time. I mostly saw everyone there. I had a blast getting on all the rides. I hope we go again soon.