My serious time in Scoil San Treasa

  • The first day at School.

    The first day at School.
    This day, is the brilliant and interesting, and tearful day on which, I started my journey through Primary School.
  • Christmas Play

    The First Play I ever did, I was a Shepard in the Navity play.
  • Senior Infants with Ms. O'Dwyer

    My second year in Scoil San Treasa, I recently turned Six!
  • 1st Class with Ms. Cunningham

    My 3rd year in Scoil San Treasa, not alot happens.
  • 2nd Class with Ms.Maher

    Ms.Maher moved to America after this class.. Mighty strange. (4th Year in SST!!)
  • First Holy Communion

    Yay! Best day in the whole year!
  • 3rd Class with Ms. Nic Fhleoris?

    I don't know how to spell my third class teachers name, how embarrasing.
  • 4th Class with Ms. Cregan AND Ms.O'Sullivan

    I didn't have too good a year in 4th class, but I got through it.
  • 5th Class with Ms.Linden

    Ms.Linden was nice, but she liked slamming her books on the table which scared the live out of me!! (7th year in Scoil San Treasa!)
  • 6th Class with Mr.Cadigan

    Finally! The year with the most events!
  • Novelty Day!!

    Novelty Day!!
    Woo! Such a fun day!
  • Christmas Cribs!

    Christmas Cribs!
    They were so cool and fun to make !! (The picture is George's!)
  • RDS Young Scientist Exhibition

    RDS Young Scientist Exhibition
    Woo! Another one of our tours! So much fun!
  • Games Wall Opens

    Games Wall Opens
    The Game wall opens! HURLING AND CAMOGIE FOR ALL!
  • Retreat!

    Alot of fun!
  • Write A Book Project

    The Write A Book project, Nora won!
  • Confirmation!

    Confirmation was fun!
  • Play!

    Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was alot of fun to do! We weren't with Ms. Conroy's class.