My school history

  • First steps

    First steps
    First steps was my first school. I went there from preschool to UKG (Upper kindergarten.) This was were I met some of my first friends such as Mahika, Aditya and Samara, who I still talk to a lot.I remember that The LKG (Lower kindergarten) Classroom was on a tree. I don’t remember a lot of the extra curriculum but I remember we had music. I also remember that on one Anual day some of us wore karate uniforms and some of us(Like me) Wore kimonos and we all danced.
  • Karate

    I started karate classes in my apartment first mainly because my mother wanted me to try new things. I was around 7 when i started. Then I started enjoying it quite a bit, so I continued for four years. After two years though I changed to a place about ten minutes away from our apartment, It was the same teacher though.I don’t have any picture of this though.
  • Chess

    I dont remember the time I started doing chess classes, but I am pretty sure it was around this time. For chess class the teacher used to come to one of our houses and it was usually mine. Other children around the the same skill and age level would come. We used do to some exercises on chess .com and then play against each other. I remember My mother used to bring some snack towards the end of the class for all of us to eat. I don’t have any pictures of this though.
  • BIS

    I joined BIS at first grade with Mahikaa. I saw There from the ages 7-10. This was around the time I started devoloping in interest for football too.Some of the extra curricular activities I remember enjoying the most were,art, Pottery, and Drama.
  • Football (Roots)

    Football (Roots)
    At first, I used to go to a football coaching club called roots. I stayed there for about a year. I used to go with 2 other boys form my apartment. classes where on the weekends. At first, we didn't carpool but after some time we started carpooling together.
  • Football (BBFC)

    Football (BBFC)
    After a year at roots, I don't remember why but we switched to a different club. It was called BBFC which was short for Bhaijung Bhutia Football club. It was started by the football player after he retired. They ither two boys from my apartment joined too. We carpooled there too. I remember we all are bringing games and snacks for the car ride.
  • Indus

    I joined Indus in 4th grade and left at the second semester of grade five. My sisters used to go to Indus when they were in high school. I remember I left BIS at first because my mother was not very happy with the way they were teaching online at first. There were only 3 classes a day for about 45 minutes each. Indus is was big ; it is run by an someone that used to be in the army. I remember that it was so far away from the main Bangalore that the parking lot was actually in Tamil Nadu.
  • CIS

    I joined CIS in the second semester of fifth grade. I left Indus and came here because we shifted, and CIS was closer. I met my current friends in art class. Fifth grade was quite fun with my favorite parts being mini society and the sleepover at school. I stayed on till sixth grade and that's where I am now.