My Personal Timeline from birth to age 18

By sy8807
  • Dad's birth

  • Mom's Birth

  • Brother's birth

  • date of conception

    Jamsil, Seoul, S. Korea
  • Research (cancer)

    Mucin-like Antigens in a Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Identified by Murine Monoclonal Antibodies SPan-1 and YPan-1
  • Date of Birth

  • one of two historical event

    6.5 earthquake strikes India/Nepal, 1,000s killed
  • two of two historical events

    1988 Summer Olympic in Seoul, Korea
  • first step

  • first word

    "um-ma." My mom and my relatives kept repeating the word "um-ma" (Mom) for me to say it.
  • Intelligence

    When we were playing "Around the World" (multiplication card game) in my elementary school days, I had won and become "the Queen of the World," beating every student in my homeroom class.
  • first extracurricular activity

    it was in New Jersey, I was in a band with my best friend playing the flute.
  • stereotype

    When I first came to Texas, my first good friends were a black-washed white, and a black. From hanging out with only Koreans back when I was in New Jersey (the east coast), I always feared to become friends with other races, but having those first 2 good friends in Texas helped me overcome the stereotype of being "racist."
  • puberty

  • bully

    it was when a new Asian girl came in our class, almost half the class was bullying her for being Asian.
  • first game

    my brother had taught me how to play the Super Mario Bros game
  • Scaffolding to teach

    It was when I becamae the leader of our church's body worship dance team - I had to demonstrate by dancing the steps I knew to teach the rest of the members on my team.
  • peer pressure

    it was my good friend's birthday party, there was too much smoking and drinking going on, so I gave into peer pressure of putting a cigarrete in my mouth for the first time.
  • moral decision

    whether I should runaway from home or not. Result: stay home
  • first love

  • comprehension

    It was when my parents got into a big argument - I just couldn't understand why my dad just couldn't assure my mom about helping her when grandparents come visit us in America during the summer. Although he might have his own stuff to do, he could still support my mom and help out, if not through actions, at least assure her in words.
  • motivation accomplished

    going to Korea
  • first college course

    at UTD. chemistry I, Sibert.
  • full height