My Personal Development

  • Zygote of Myself

    Biological Development
  • Birthdate

    My birth is counted is a biological development.
  • At the age of 11 months I started walking

    Biological Development.
  • Object Permanence

    When something was not there i knew it existed
  • Insecure Attachment (Avoidant Style) -Psychosocial

    Up to when i was 1 years old i wouldn't mind exploring without my mother being in the room.
  • I started to discover my 5 senses.

    It would count as the sensorimotor of the my cognotive development.
  • Psychosocial (Preschool)

    When i was about 6 years old i would make my own decisions vs. guilt.
  • Concrete operational

    I can grasp conservation when i had a tall glass and a wide glass with the same amount of liquid in it even though it looks more i knew is still the same amount.
  • Formal Operational

    I started to grasp algebra and i developed abstract thinking.
  • Puberty

    Biological Development
  • Adoloscence

    I discoevered my identity by taking the classes i was intersted in whch led me discoever of biology and psychology.
  • Late Adulthood (Psychosocial)

    I got Osteoporosis at the age of 60 and it got hard for me to walk.