My own history

  • my own history

    I was born in aug 22th of 1988at 10 in the morning
  • Period: to

    My own history

  • The first steps

    Comense to walking for first you see and also tape-worm the beginning of the exit of two teeth
  • My first year of life

    My first year they me did not feast it because not habia money but my parents bought me a shed of clothes as gift
  • With to happen from the time

    To studying in a garden then between to the college to dealing my first degree to the age of 5 years already was big enough and they tell me that it was naughty enough
  • Deal the whole primary one

    In my college he was one of the best because I was outlined as good student was active was hanging to the activities and I liked to inform very much in events obtube many decorations, mentions, medals and congratulations on the part of the teachers
  • My secondary one

    It was something enterteining because it was little teen mas and towards many pranks in this level they were calling me very much the attention for my disorder to every moment were calling me the acudientes and you prop they were taking me to parsonage almost every day but to part of my disorder it was very productive because respondia with my part like student great part of my secondary one I did it in my people.
  • Change college

    Beginning studies in the capital of the Caesar dealing this way my eighth degree something was of much to learn for my because it was a college that exigian very much in addition I was touching to be employed with my dad at a buseta that the conducia I was who resibia the passages and this way one spends it during this year
  • In the year 2002

    I present a disadvantage and therefore I touch myself to go away to studying elsewhere it was not very far from poraca but for personal motives I touch to go away of the city at the time it is when I manage to bosconia to stop to deal my ninth degree ps I was touching myself weighed because we were touching that VAT to move from my people to bosconia daily but nonetheless with all these realized efforts me very well in my studies
  • In the year 2003

    They turned me to changing college because I present a small problem with a teacher who did that my dad was taking this type of determination it is at the time when I go away again for my people to dealing my degree I number ten and eleven in this college aprendi greatly as in the previous ones, but in this institution I us present the opportunity to do a tour for the different mines of the region and it was something spectacular in addition we did a trip to santamarta as farew
  • University studies

    In the year 2004 I enter to study in the university of pamplona engenierias mechanics in my first semester of study pense that not podria with the career for treating itself about a career bastabte difficult since this one tied to many numbers so much in the calculations, physics, the chemistry between others.
    But thanks to GOD it me was very.
  • My university difficulties

    In the year 2005 already semester was in 4 when every empezo when road surface worked badly already not me sentia as the beginning they began credit you trump with my matters already veia the things otherwise it was at the time when he neglects the university, losing two matters in this semester.
    In the following year volvi ready to continue giving everything of my and really I did it. Me decidi to do the vacation one to try to level myself, and the vacation one was
  • The problems that are never absent

    In the year 2008 empese to having loves with a woman compromised so is never anything that not this one well, but one man is like very risky, pense in the danger that was running only penseba in the moment,
    It is at the time when the husband realizes of what was happening, it was where I realized the great problem in the one that was put. It was at the time where I touch myself to leave the university by which it was threatened with death and not alcanse to f
  • Another opportunity of my life

    In the East year my mother gave to me the opportunity to study in the popular university of the Caesar because I did not want to return to pamplona for the problem that me habia presented was at the time when I decide to change of career and empese to studying microbiology thanks to god I sit down good and I am desidido when finishes the career prompt possible mas not to give so many fight to my parents
  • Already I am a dad

    In year 2010 tube a loving relation which a child was a product of her I have nowadays a very pretty equal baby to his dad already he is 8 months old of born and it is necessary to clarify that I am happily single and that every day I get up with desire of continuing fighting for my studies because desire to offer to him the maximum thing to my son
  • My current importance

    Good thanks to GOD I am giving everything of my for continuing improve already I am dealing my fifth semester and that very prompt will finish my career already I have 22 years of age and very soon I fulfill the 23 ... end