My Media Experience So Far..

  • First Media Post

    We had to blog about all the media we knew and what programs and software we have used before.
  • Planning For Prelim Task

    We began planning our prelim tgask of a person exchanging some dialogue with another perosn in a room with a requirement shot list.
  • Prelim Task Completed

    the video was uploaded to youtube and all the editing was complete and annotations were added to the video. Plus the evaluation was completed too.
  • Opening Sequence of a Film Analysis

    We had to watch the first 5 mins of the opening sequence from the film Face Off (Nicholas Cage and John Travolta)
  • Planning for Main Task begins

    We began our planning for our main task by creating a wordle about the film genre Thriller.
  • First Group Ideas and creation of First Ident

    we had a group discussion regarding what type of thriller we were going to make and assign duties to each other.
  • Textual Analysis and Different Title Ideas

    all of our main planning and research was now underway with our group uploading an average of 4-5 blogs a day.
  • Audience Reasearch Begins

    we created posts regarding what type of people we are in society by answering a survey from find my tribe then we had a post from the pearl and dean website about all types of genres and what type of people see what films.
  • Main Film Shot Trial

    Raf had gone away with his friends and created a trial run of one of our main shots from the film garden state and it worked really well.
  • Film Idea Pitch

    we had to create a presentation to present to jude (production company) and pitch our film idea to her from character bio outline to film outline to what films have influenced us.
  • Character Bio and Location Recce

    we had to create a character bio so we had some idea of what our main character was going to be like. plus we had to carry out a location recce so we also had an idea of what and where we going to film out thriller.
  • Weather Report

    we had to carry out a weather report for filming day so we knew what sort of conditions we would be working in.
  • Finished Animatic, Title and Credits

    our animatic is finished and has been uploaded to youtube the same with our film title and our credits are ready to be edited into the film too.
  • Filming Day Experience

    we posted about how we felt filming day went and i believe it was a great success and l;oved every moment of it and would love to do it again.