My Life so Far

By airris
  • Born

  • The world traits center

    the world traits center was was destroyed by two airplanes crashing into it.
  • First time sleeping in the hospital

    It's so boring,sleeping and drinking medicine all the time
  • Go to japan

    First time going on an airplane.
  • First time going to the Fun Fair in RIS

    I got to go to RIS fun fair before I even got in RIS wow. I got to go in it because my brother was in RIS so I had to go or else I would be bored staying home.
  • Thailand"s Tsunami

    It happend in Phang Nga from the Indian ocean, The tsunami was strong, big, and it destroyed alot of things.
  • First day in ris

    I was nervous and scared because I did not have any friends, IT WAS SCARY ..... :(
  • Pluto no longer a planet

    Pluto is no longer a planet? Well that is ture it is no longer a planet because of its size and it dosn't orbit the same way as the other planets do.
  • The Amazing France

    The Amazing France
    When I was going to grade 2 I went to france to France to see famous things
  • Trip to China

    Trip to China
    I went to shanghai world expo, to see one place it takes like one hour.
  • A Teacher from High School

    I got a teacher from high school because she wanted to be a teacher when she passes collage, so my teacher let her teach things.
  • Incredible japan

    Wow Japan is so beautiful and INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • the first day I was in fourth grade

    I'm so nervous and scared I don't know what to do.
  • Won a lottery to Korea for FREE

    Won a lottery to Korea for FREE
    I am so lucky I got a free trip to Korea Out of Billons of people.
  • Field Trip to....... SIAM OCEAN WORLD

    YAY!!!!!!!! Were lucky we only get some field trips on each grade. It was soooooo fun we got a booklet and pictures of strang sea creatures.
  • Bromsgrove Internatinal School

    We had a field trip to Bromsgrove International School, we got to learn listen and play it was kind of fun.
  • The Food Fun Fair

    We had the food fun fair because last year we were supposed to do it but we didnt so we had it now.
  • Tsunami in Japan

    Tsunami in Japan
    what happend in japan? What???!!!!!!! a 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami append in Japan!!!!! How sad ... wow we don't know what can happen in the world now :(
  • Vacation to puket

    Vacation to puket
    First time I stayed at a 6 star hotel. The hotel is called TRISARA it is in Puket
  • Osama Bin Laden

    Phew the great criminal has been captured were SAFE !!!!YAY!!!