my life JS

By smithj7
  • my birth

    At 12:16pm on August 10th 2001 my mother gave birth to a handsome baby boy in a Sanford hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • Rode a bike with no trainig wheels

    My dad told me to go out to the garage with him. When we went out there he took my training wheels off and I got on the bike and rode it for about 20ft. then i fell. After a few more attempts i got the hang of it.
  • first day of pre-school

    My mother woke me up, told me to get dressed and off i went to pre-school.
  • first day of kindergarden

    My mom told me to wake up and get dressed. I ate breakfast and walked to school with my sister Morgan.
  • lost my first tooth

    I told my mom that i have a wiggly tooth and then i went to the bathroom and pulled it out.
  • First football game

    I got to play in my first ever football game in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  • finally reached 100lbs.

    I felt big that day so i stepped on the scale and I was finally 100pounds.
  • Got stiches

    i was hanging out with kayden verley and dan esche and i jumped off a fence and hit my leg on a board that was hidden under the snow and cut myself.
  • first day of middle school

    I had to go to the middle school for the first time in the 6th grade.
  • Wrecked the RZR with Cullen

    I was having fun with Isaac and Cullen and it got out of hand and me and Cullen rolled his 2012 RZR. Cullens dad was super mad.