My Life

  • Born in Hobart, Tasmania

    I was born at Calvary Hostpital at 5:42am on Thursday the 18th of Januray.
  • First trip to Mainland

    First trip on a aeroplane and to the Mainland! I dont really remember anything from this trip as I was 2. But from photos that Ive seen of this trip, it looked like a pretty awesome trip. Too bad I wasn't older!
  • Dog Died

    My dog Lewis died! The cause of the death were his lungs got twisted. I don't remember it that much, as I was 3 at the time. But I still do miss him up to this day. He was a very good dog and a cute one as well!
  • Period: to

    Time at Hutchins School

    Started at School at Hutchins in the ELC, then moved to the Junior School in 2010 and then the Middle School in 2014. Grades 3-6 were the best years of my life at school, as we went on some really cool exucrsions, my friends, some of the best teachers, some really cool places that we visited like Canberra and the amount of stuff we learnt!
  • Went to Hostpital

    My brother jammed my finger in a door and I had to have a operation to get my finger fixed! It was quite painful. I had apple juice before I went to the hostpital. I had to wait a day, as they didnt have plastic surgeons on, on that Saturday night.
  • Period: to

    Best trip in QLD

    Best trip in QLD! It was a really fun trip away from home as it was the first trip that I acturally remembered as other times I was too young to remember what a trip felt like. I went to Dreamworld and MovieWorld for the first time and Ive been hooked ever since.
  • Started in the Junior School.

    Started at the Junior School in Hutchins!
  • Cousin was born

  • My Nan's Father died

  • Period: to

    Trip to QLD!

    A really good trip in QLD and I went to all the theme parks on the Gold Coast: MovieWorld, Dreamworld, White Water World, Wet n Wild and Seaworld and I went on all the rides. Also we stayed at a hotel which was really cool!
  • Trip to Sydney and QLD.

    Trip to Sydney and Qld. It was fun. Went to Sydney and to the gold Coast with my Mum, my Nan, my Brother, my 3 cosuins and my Aunty
  • Period: to

    Trip to U.S.A

    Went to Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Las Vegas and Hawaii for 6 weeks! It was my first internation trip and it was awesome. I will never for get this trip as I learnt lots of new things and spent 3 weeks away from school. (yay)
  • Went to Disneyland, California

    Went to Disneyland, California
    Went to Disneyland in Anaheim, Los Angeles in California! It was one of the best theme parks ever and had losts of awesome rides. We went to Disneyland for 3 days before going to Hollywood! Disneyland was awesome as we got meet a lot of the famous disney charectars!
  • Saw first game of Baseball

    Saw First game of Baseball in Washington D.C
  • Bought house in QLD

    Bought house in QLD
    My Nan and Pa bought a house in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is a really cool and is really big and is very close to the beach, the local shopping centre and the main road in Maroochydore. It is one of the best houses ever!
  • Becoming a I.T Leader

    Becoming a I.T Leader at Hutchins
  • Period: to

    Trip to Canberra

    Trip to Canberra with School. . It was a really fun trip and I learnt thousands of new things and I will not forget it til the day I die.
  • Moved to Mt Nelson!

    Moved to Mt Nelson!
    I moved into Mt Nelson. The house is big and awsome. But I didn't want to leave our old house as I had lived in that house for nearly 13 years. (my whole life) I do miss my old house but this house is pretty good as well!
  • Period: to

    Trip away for lots of things.

    Spent my first Christmas, New Years and my birthday in QLD, away from family for the first time. This was another really awesome trip. We stayed at the house we bought in QLD and we went to Dreamworld 6 times. (we have passes) On somedays it got really hot.
  • Started in the Middle School

    Started School at the Middle School in Hutchins.
  • Being forced to make timeline.

    On the 24th of July during SOSE, Mr Lenard told us to start this time line, which you are currently reading.
  • Started in the Senior School

  • Had to have Modern History with Hannah :(