My life

  • The Start

    The Start
    9/1/2011 was the start of my life. I don’t remember much, all I knew was I was born in California San Francisco. The only thing I really remember was me laying in my moms lap and laughing.
  • Omni Montessori

    Omni Montessori
    I attended Omni Montessori form the age 3-4.I Remember painting our hands and placing it on a canvas paper, mine was a masterpiece. I also remember eating lunch on those baby tables, and after lunch we would have nap time and fall asleep for 1 hour.
  • Lakeview Montessori

    I attended Lakeview Montessori from the age of 4-5. I remember making my first friend Ethan. I remember playing tag in the park with him, and sitting next to him in class. The last memory I had in Lakeview was graduating from preschool.
  • Kindergarten

    I attended Kindergarten from 5-6 years old. I remember my favorite teacher was Ms Zach. I remember writing a whole book about parts of a fish ( New York Times best selling book). I also made 2 friends named Alex, and Conrad, they were my best friends. In our class we had this system ,where if you did goods deeds in class you would get a diamond sticker. At the end of the year we would see who had the most stickers. Surprisingly I got the most stickers in class and got nothing, it was worth a try
  • Moving to India

    I remember one day I was just sitting in class and they call me to the front office. I wasn't sure why, but I saw my dad standing there. I remember going home and seeing the house empty and a lot of boxes outside. I didn't understand what was happening. Then they told me we’re moving to India. I was with it I really didn’t care, the only thing I cared about was missing Halloween. 3 days later we were on a plane to Bangalore. We stayed in Move & Pick for a few months not worrying about school.
  • Joining CIS

    I remember the first day of school. I joined CIS in 1st grade. That day I was late to school, like really late. I was so nervous walking into class. When I walked in everyone greeted me, and I don’t like being the center of attention it makes me cringe.Then Ms Ashi our teacher called me up to the front to class to introduce myself and I hate it when people are just staring at me. I remember Ms Ashi assigning Alex to show me around school. Alex was my first friend in CIS he helped me out that day
  • Second Grade

    Second grade was an amazing year for me, I just liked it. Ms Roca was an amazing teacher. Second grade was when I met some of my best friends, Oliver and Anuraag. I enjoyed playing football with all of my friends during recess ,and lunch. I remember making a science fair poster about what happens when someone uses the bathroom on a plane, it was a really random idea.
  • Online School

    Online school was difficult, suddenly switching from offline to online. I did enjoy online but I’d probably prefer offline. It was hard to learn, there were so many distractions around you couldn’t focus. I mean who am I to talk I used to watch YouTube on the side. Another thing was you could’ve made an excuse easily that your Internet wasn’t working, again who am I to talk. But to many excuses can be bad, yeah I got in trouble for not joining class. All in all it was just hard to learn.