My Life

By 20MV
  • I went to Hospital

    I went to hospital because I had discitus in my back and I stopped walking.
  • Moved to Terry Hills

    We moved to Terry Hills from North Ride.
  • Holiday

    Went to Noosa for 2 weeks.
  • New Brother

    Tom V was born.
  • Great Grandmother

    My great grandmother on my moms side passed away
  • First Overseas Holiday

    We went to Fiji.
  • Started Preschool

    I started Prechool at N.B.C.S.
  • New Brother

    I had a new brother, Zac.
  • Went to Bali

    We had our first whole family holiday at Bali.
  • Started Kindy

    I started my first year of school, again at N.B.C.S
  • Rode My Bike

    Iroede my bike without training wheels.
  • Year 1

    Started year 1.
  • Year 2

    Started Year 2
  • Year 3

    Started year 4
  • Year 4

    Started year 4
  • Bali

    We went to bali for 2 weeks
  • Year 5

    Started year 5