My Life

  • Greatness is born

    Mr. and Mrs. Somebody are blessed with a beautiful brilliant baby girl. Their first born, no one will ever compare.
  • Period: to

    Life's Journey

  • Becoming Mobile

    Independence has begun! I learned to walk and soon after how to run. Even though I do not realize, this will prepare me for much running for the future.
  • Trouble is Born

    Baby Brother is born and my life is ruined. The beginning of torment and annoyance.
  • Karate Kicks and Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles are introduced to my brother and the torment begins! He becomes obsessed with ninja stars, karate kicks, and "hiyas". From the point on, my parents, future children and myself wish for a sister.
  • Baby Sister Arrives

    Although we hoped for a boy for my brother to beat, we got a girl! I will spend the next four-five years wishing she would leave my Barbies alone.
  • Last Baby Sister arrives.

    Again.. even though we hope for a boy, I get another little sister. * year age gap. At this point in my life I become "Cinderelly" and a reliable babysitter. Thanks Mom and Dad!
  • My First Crush

    We sat together in class. It was magical.
  • Cya later Grade 8!

    On to high school where teachers care less, I get away with more and time flies! Let the good times role!
  • High School Graduate!

    I am out of here! Sionara! Adios! Good Riddance!
  • First Day of University!

    First Day of University! Scariest... Moment... Ever.
  • Homesick

    I want to go home.
  • University Graduate!

    Bachelor's degree! Suck on that!
  • Faculty of Education!

    Another two years of school. Crazy? Nope. Another 50+ years? Probably.
  • Timetoast Experimentaion

    In a quest to use more technology, I learn to use Time Toast. I do not die. But I cannot predict the fiuture. I am not a psychic unfortunately.