My Life

  • Born at Clayton General Hospital

    Known today as "Southern Regional Medical Center" in Riverdale, GA
  • Home from Hospital

    324 Windemere Way, Jonesboro, GA 30328
    Google Map Link
  • Period: to

    Elementary School

    EJ Swint Elementary School, Jonesboro, GA
    *less than a mile from home... used to walk there with my big sister.
  • Period: to

    Junior High

    7th grade - Pointe South Middle School; 8th grade - Carrollton Junior High School
  • Moved (Fayetteville, TN)

    Somewhere West of Fayetteville, TN. Working on the address - nobody remembers it.
  • Moved (Carrollton, GA)

    Google Map266 Timbermill Circle, Carrollton, GA 30116
    *Date for this move and the one prior aren't perfectly accurate...
  • Period: to

    High School

    Central High School (Carrollton, GA)
  • FIRST JOB!!!

    Mcdonald's in Carrollton. Location is no longer there. Worked over the summer (roughly two months). Hated it but it taught me the value of any job, no matter how low.

    Becky Free. We dated for 9 months. We went all the way (she was my first)... she shattered my heart... not much more to say than that.

    Rick Shaw's Chinese. I worked as a driver for the first month, then as a cook (and still a driver) from then on. The location closed down, unannounced, one day. Never got my first check and the owner dodged my calls about it until I gave up.
  • THIRD JOB!!!

    Mall 8 Theater, Carrollton, GA. I was a concessionist and an usher during this period. Worked there for about one year before quitting to take a position I found at the college.
  • Second Love

    Her name was Brandi. She was a real "cowgirl". She begged me to buy a western outfit... I did. From my Stetson hat, to my floppy, leather boots - I was a fine-lookin' cowboy. We dated for about 7 months. Second girl I had sex with. I was her first. She was into horses and, of course, I was jealous ;-)
  • Dated a girl named Shelley

    Dated her for about a month. We fooled around, but barely...
  • Period: to

    West Georgia College

    Now known as "State University of West Georgia". Majors while attending: Pre-med; Chemistry; Computer Science (couldn't decide what to do - was very shiftless)

    Southeastern Sales and Specialty - a sewing machine supply company that hired students from West Georgia College. The position was as a shipping/receiving clerk. I remember taking that job and being proud of it. I made $7.00 per hour and all my friends were jealous! Worked there for about 6 months.
  • Maria

    This was the crazy Italian girl. She was the third girl I slept with. We broke up around September of 1998 (dated for ~2.5 years).
  • FIFTH JOB!!!

    Took position back at movie theater. This time, as am assistant manager:-) Thus began the two year run of awesomeness that was my time at the Mall 8 Theater. I had the "keys to the kingdom". I can't tell you how many awesome times we had there. It was just amazing. If you want to hear stories, this is a good period to ask me about!
  • Period: to

    West Central Technical College

  • SIXTH JOB!!!

    "Computer Buddy" in Carrollton, GA. This was my first attempt at a job fixing computers. I don't count it as an "IT" job, though. The place was an exercise in organized stupidity. I remember, the first day I worked there, Buddy (owner) left me in charge of the place and had me lock up. I was the only employee there at the time. Not surprisingly, he went under less than two months later.

    First retail job. Started just before the holiday rush that year. Oh, what a pain that was. Great experience, on the whole, though. I was going on 22 years old and making ~40k per year. I kept this position for 9 months. I met a few older guys that I am aquainted with to this very day. A few good stories here, as well, if you ever want to ask:-)

    Gateway Country store in Douglasville. It's gone now, but I worked there for somewhere around a year - until just after I met Amber. I then took my first real "IT" job... which didn't last very long - for a couple of reasons...
  • 1st Apartment

    Got a two bedroom apartment with my friend Terry. Signed a 6 month lease.
  • Met Amber

    My friend Terry and I went out to eat late that night... it was my last day at Gateway and we were celebrating. I left that job for my first "IT" position (at a call center in Atlanta). Amber was our waitress. She was the fourth person I slept with.

    My first real "IT" job... I trained to accept a position at a call center in Atlanta. I was to provide technical support to the dial-up service customers of several regional ISPs. I trained for a position that was supposed to be 1st shift. Turns out, it was 3rd shift. I had early classes so that wasn't going to work. Ask me about the stuff that was going on with Amber during this time...

    Held two jobs at once during this time... I worked as a pizza delivery driver on weekends (Domino's in Carrollton), and as a sales person @ Thornton Chevrolet. Each job lasted about the same amount of time (two months).

    Didn't like the first place well enough to reup, so we moved. Terry and I lasted about 2 months into a 6 month lease when he basically went flaky and disappeared. I remember his parents coming a month after he vanished and collecting his things. Ask me about that some time...
  • Amber moves in with me

    Takes over other part of lease...
  • Weird Girl

    Becky Brooks... she tries to get me to go out with her... I decline, citing that I am in a relationship. She knows this and knows it isn't going well but I insist on "no thanks". She was pretty but strange. Think I made the right call there. Nothing happens with her, not even a phone call.
  • Move back home

    Amber moves back to her parents' place. We split for about 3 months afterward, then get back together.
  • Amber and I break up

    Lasts for roughly three months
  • Met Ginger

    Jewish girl. She was pretty cool. This was a short relationship, as she was moving to California about a month after we got together... she was bisexual and had been waiting in the wings for me to break up with Amber. Shortly after that happened, she moved in for the kill. We had sex once, the night before she moved away. She was #5.
  • College Graduate

    2 year degree in Computer Information Systems
  • Amber - part 2

    Got back together with Amber. She set about almost immediately trying to get pregnant (though I didn't know it at the time).
  • Engaged to Amber

    Set date of wedding to July 10th, 2004 (I think, she'd probably remember better than I can).
  • Amber Pregnant

    Quite the feat for someone who can't get pregnant... she confesses she had been off of her birth control for "over a year". She says it was because her doctor assured her she couldn't conceive. I find out much later that she stopped taking it before we got back together years earlier... and her doctor said no such thing to her.
  • CCNA Certification

    Easy and ultimately useless in my specialization...
  • A+, Net+, Security+ Certifications

    Took all three tests on same day. Passed, first try (they weren't difficult)
  • Married

    I was still pretty shaken by the whole "knocked up on purpose" thing but I wanted to try and make it work... figured the kiddo needed a stable home.
  • Acheived MCSA Certification

    7 Tests, taken over the course of the previous month
  • Acheived MCSE +S

    Three additional tests to upgrade the MCSA certification

    Applied Technical Services, Marietta, GA. IT Consultant. As soon as I found out she was pregnant, I started looking...

    Kyle is airlifted to Hugh Spalding Children's Hospital after three hours in the ER @ Tanner Medical Center in Villa Rica. He very nearly died in my arms that night. He woke up three days later - the day after my birthday.

    Georgia EMC. Still there. Great place.
  • Nearly lost everything

    Amber had been lying to me since Christmas. None of our bills were current and most were several months behind. Here begins my taking things over and digging us out of her mess.

    The first happened without anyone finding out. She took pills, went to sleep, woke up, got dinner ready before I got home. This time, she did it in very dramatic style.
  • Petition for Divorce

    Sometime in November... she goes along with it, uncontested.
  • Divorce Finalized

    She promptly disappears to Florida for two weeks, comes back, moves into an apartment, then promptly goes on a spending spree before trying to check out of life for the third time.

    One week in hospital this time, no treatment afterward... she moves in with her parents and has been there since.
  • Meet Candice!!!

    Date isn't exact but it's close (I think). Hi, you!
  • World nearly ends

    You know the details...