My life

  • I am born

  • Rebecca is born

    My little sister
  • Carlton is born.

    My baby brother. He doesn't like tea parties.
  • The Family moves to Texas

    We were stationed at Shepherd AFB
  • Became a Christian

    Rebecca and I accepted Jesus as our Saviour
  • Got our first dog

    His name was Bruno Junior.
  • Moved to Nevada

    Stationed at Nellis AFB
  • I was baptized.

    I was too nervous to get baptized before this point.
  • Moved back to Texas

    Moved to Wichita Falls and bought a house off base.
  • B.J. died

    We put him to sleep because he had a neurological disorder.
  • We get two new puppies.

    Mom and dad let us have Samuel and Moses because we missed B.J. so much.
  • We moved to California

    We were statined at Travis AFB
  • We move to Alaska

    We were stationed at Elmendorf AFB
  • Period: to

    Dated Brian Slater

    He was not my favorite.
  • Period: to

    Worked at Sears

    In Wasilla, AK. I was a customer service cashier.
  • Graduated from High School

    Colony High School is where I want to be someday.
  • Period: to

    Dating Samuel Oh

    I think we'll get married someday.
  • Moved to Mississippi

    We are currently stationed at Keesler AFB