My Life

By cboutin
  • I'm Here!

    I'm Here!
    The day I was born! A very special day for my parents. :]
  • Mom!

    My very first mother's day with my family. I don't remember much of it though.
  • Step by Step

    Step by Step
    I learned how to tie my shoes completely! By doing this, i could walk without falling.
  • Preschool

    Starting preschool! This was a difficult day leaving my mommy.
  • No more training wheels!

    I learned how to ride my bike. My family helped me a ton!
  • Kindergarten

    My first day of school! It only lasted for 3 hours anyways.
  • Flexible

    Gymnastics was the first sport I have participated in. And to this day I'm still doing it!
  • Basketball

    Started playing basketball in 4th grade. I haven't stopped playing since.
  • Field Hockey

    I began to play field hockey. Have not stopped playing since!
  • Chosen for Green!

    Junior High School here i come! I was chosen to be on the green team for 7th and 8th grade to be in Mrs. Peterson's homeroom
  • Summer basketball

    Met Coach Marsh for the first time ever. Best coach yet!
  • Freshman!

    Finally in High School. Not too fun :/