My Life

  • I Was Born

    I was born on July 24 1998. I was a Baby during that time. The Location of my birth was at a hospital. I'm not sure which hospital maybe it was one in fort wayne
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • 1 year old

    I turned 1 Year old . I had my first taste of cake. I don't know what it tasted like . It probly tasted good
  • 1st Day of School

    That day was the first day of school . we had Goldfish Crakers and learned how to count to 10 . It was the first time I road the Bus home . It was Fun.
  • Minecraft

    I bought my favorite Game Called Minecraft. the first thing I did was puch a tree and got a block of wood that I used to make a Crafting table. Then it was almost nightime monsters started to come out so I dug a hole inside a hill and made a house of dirt and waited for day. I walked out side and a Creeper* snuck up behide me and blew me up.
    • Creeper - a green four legged monster that hisses then blows up if it gets close to you
  • At the Dunes

    I went to the dunes up by lake Miagan. I ran up the giant sand hill then ran down. Then I swam in the water for 3 hours. we used our gramas car and when we got home even my mom's car was all sandy.