My Life

By BSelzer
  • My Birth Date

    My Birth Date
    My Birth Date, I was born in Sioux Falls South Dakota at Sioux Valley hospital. Now it is Sanford hospital Photo from
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    For my first birthday I got a big cake and alot of my family members came Picture from
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First Word

    First Word
    I was eating my food and my dad tought me how to say daddy and mommie, but daddie was my first word Picture from
  • Fell Asleep

    Fell Asleep
    I was eating lunch and I fell asleep in my spagetti. My dad got it all on film. Picture from
  • We Move

    We Move
    We moved from Sioux City IA to Cedar Rapids IA. I remember having to pack alot of bags. Picture from
  • Brother Born

    Brother Born
    I remember being excited to have somobody to play with. I could not wait until he could come home. Picture from
  • Terroist Attack

    Terroist Attack
    Terroists flew planes in to the world trade center in New York city This effected many lives. Photo from
  • Other Brother Born

    Other Brother Born
    We got to have another brother to play with. I remember hearing him cry over the phone from the hospital. Picture from
  • Flood

    The flood effect alot of my friends and we had to help them move stuff and get to safety. Picture from
  • Election

    President Obama was elected and my parents where mad and we had to cut back on spending to support our family. Picture from
  • Oil Spill

    Oil Spill
    The oil spilled in the gulf of mexico and made prices on oil and gas go high. We had to save alot of money to keep our cars maintained. Picture from
  • Death Of Osama

    Death Of Osama
    The mastermind behind the 911 attack was killed. This was a big relief to my family and all kinds of people in america. Picture from