my life

By hak290
  • when i started to ride a bike

    when i started to ride a bike
    riding a bikethe first time i road a bike and learnd to ride one it was april,14 2002 and it was on trianing wheels and it was fun i was 3 years old my dad tought m how to and it was fun
  • When i was born

    When i was born
    Syria,Hama i was born in syria and i loved it there it is a bueatiful countrey and i was a good kid at times and i loved blue and soccer and i was around 3 years old when i road my first bike
  • The schools i went to

    The schools i went to
    I went to about 6 schools in my whole life so far and they had good and funny teachers, but some teachers were mean but the teachers i had were good. that is how much schools i went to 1 school was in sudia arabia and the rest were in Canada
  • When I moved to canada

    When I moved to canada
    I moved to canada when i was about 8 years old once i finished senior kindergarden i came and my first apartment was the building infront of a mall i loved it here and diden't want to move
  • My siblings

    My siblings
    I have 3 other siblings, including me it would be 4 children I have a older sister called hanin she is 14 years old grade 9. I have a younger sister called sally, she is 2 years old and a half and a a new baby brother called timmy, he was born 3 months ago and is so cute