My high school_Ana Paula Mosqueda Lara

  • 1st Semester

    1st Semester
    Start the High School
  • Independence of Mexico

    Independence of Mexico
    Celebration of the Independence of Mexico
  • Month of missions

    Month of missions
    Our first mission sale of the month
  • CAM

    We do charity to a children's center
  • Christmas

    We had our christmas reunion
  • 2nd Semester

    2nd Semester
    We enter 2nd Semester
  • Excursion

    In the company of the literature teacher we went to Tlaquepaque and visited various places
  • Intercollegiate

    The school's sports team went to Guanajuato to compete in the Intercollegiate
  • Funny activities

    Funny activities
  • Guachimontones

    We all went to a little trip to see the pyramids of this beautiful place.
  • 6th Semester Farewell

    6th Semester Farewell
    We organized a farewell for those who were going to graduate from high school, with beach style
  • Vacations

    We were happy to finish another semester and go on summer vacation
  • 3rd Semester

    3rd Semester
    We start another semester
  • Celebration of Mexico

    Celebration of Mexico
    The school organized an event in the evening where we presented songs by Luis Miguel "This is how Mexico feels"
  • Missionary rosary

    Missionary rosary
    The school was divided by the colors of the continents and we prayed for them and world peace
  • Day of the dead

    Day of the dead
    At night within the school facilities there was a celebration for the day of the dead, where we dressed referring to the day as the dead
  • Christmas inn

    Christmas inn
    In that inn we danced for the guests dressed as Santa Claus
  • 4th Smester

    4th Smester
    We entered 4th Semester
  • 80´s Party

    80´s Party
    The school organized a gathering for us to welcome the new entrants of the eighties style
  • COVID quarantine

    COVID quarantine
    In the middle of this month, the quarantine began due to the disease that occurs until now
  • Virtual rhythmic dance

    Virtual rhythmic dance
    In the Incarnate Word festivities, competitions and dances were held in his honor, but due to the new online classes we had to do it by zoom
  • Virtual mothers day

    Virtual mothers day
    As we were not able to make a face-to-face celebration, we made a video for the moms with a nice thank you message
  • Organization of the graduation trip

    Organization of the graduation trip
    We set the date of the trip to the beach
  • Our first virtual semester ended

    Our first virtual semester ended
    After a few months and without waiting, we finished one more semester virtually
  • 5th Semester

    5th Semester
    We entered 5th Semester
  • Virtual independence of Mexico

    Virtual independence of Mexico
    Through zoom, the students dress from that time for a civic act with representations of that day
  • Virtual DOMUND

    Virtual DOMUND
    We made a video by the Mtro. Oliver that deals with the missions and their objective, where there would be a winner
  • Dead altars

    Dead altars
    A contest was held where by teams we have to create a virtual altar to some character
  • Christmas meaning

    Christmas meaning
    In religion we had to show our house decorated for Christmas and mention the meaning of each ornament
  • 6th Semester

    6th Semester
    We entered 6th Semester
  • Ash Wednesday

    Ash Wednesday
    We were with a background that will represent that signal and we had virtual mass
  • Virtual dance to the Incarnate Word

    Virtual dance to the Incarnate Word
    We danced to Kesha's Tik Tok song. In pairs we danced for a few seconds, while we showed a poster and little by little form a prayer towards the Incarnate Word
  • We returned from Easter vacation

    We returned from Easter vacation
    After resting for two weeks we had to return to almost finish the last semester