My Growth as a Musician

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    My Musical Years

  • A Decision Was Made

    I began playing the flute.
  • My First Performance

    The fourth and fifth grade bands were combined for a concert.

    I performed my first NYSSMA solo piece in front of a judge and scored a 27/29.
  • Stage Freight

    I had forgotten to practice my level 2 NYSSMA piece, so I didn't feel ready and convinced my parents to let me skip this year.
  • The Start of Improvement

    I started taking private flute lessons once a week with Susan Gallo.
  • A Second Chance

    After taking private flute lessons for half a year, my teacher convinced me to do a level 3 NYSSMA solo. I scored a 28/29.
  • The Auditions Begins

    I auditioned for my high school honors band, the Wind Ensemble. Unfortunately, too many upperclassmen auditioned and got in, so I was put in the upperclass high school Symphonic Band.
  • Movin' On Up

    I performed a level 4 NYSSMA solo and scored a 28/29.
  • The Start of a New Chapter

    I took my seat as the only freshman in the upperclassmen band.
  • Second Time's A Charm

    I auditioned for the Wind Ensemble again and got in.
  • Another Year, Another NYSSMA

    I performed a level 5 NYSSMA solo on flute and scored a 94/100.
  • Welcome to the Wantagh High School Wind Ensemble

    The beginning of harder music, more performances, and learning how to play with advanced players.
  • More Ensembles

    I was asked to play piccolo and flute in my high school's pit orchestra for the school musical, "Pippin."
  • Carnegie Hall Part 1

    My high school Wind Ensemble was invited to play for a festival at Carnegie Hall. It was the most magical moment of my life.
  • NYSSMA Again

    I performed a level 6 NYSSMA solo and scored a 95/100.
  • Auditions, Auditions, Auditions

    I auditioned for the Nassau Suffolk Performing Arts Concert Band and was one of 12 flutes selected to be in the ensemble out of 100 auditioners.
  • What More? Auditions

    I did a fantastic audition for the Nassau Suffolk Performing Arts Wind Symphony. Unfortunately, they needed stronger players to help the weaker ones in the Concert Band. I played my final year in the Concert Band.
  • Even More Ensembles

    I was asked to play piccolo and flute in the pit orchestra for the middle school's musical, "Annie."
  • The Switch Up

    I decided to start playing piccolo.
  • Learning From Mistakes

    My high school bands traveled to Virginia to perform in an East Coast competition. My band got points taken off because of my intonation playing the piccolo.
  • Second to Last Concert

    I performed a beautiful solo at my senior winter concert that gave me the idea for my college essay.
  • The Decision: College

    I applied to SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Purchase, SUNY Oswego, and Keene State College. Next, to prepare for auditions.
  • Acceptance Letters

    Accepted to SUNY New Paltz music program.
  • Carnegie Hall Part 2

    The Wantagh High School and Hewlett High School Wind Ensembles joined together for an incredible performance at Carnegie Hall. Once agian, I was amazed at the stage itself.
  • Band Goes to NYSSMA

    My high school Wind Ensemble performed for NYSSMA adjudicators. In both writing and in a recording, both adjudicators said that I played the piccolo beautifully. We scored a perfect score.
  • A New Chapter

    I began my first year of college.
  • The College Band Nerd

    Seating auditions for flute were held and I was moved up to first chair.
  • The Day

    I was diagnosed with depression.
  • The Band Nerd is Revived

    I was asked by the conductor to play flute in the SUNY Ulster Wind Symphony.
  • Learning How to Cope

    Music still being a big part of my life, I learn how to channel my depression and anxiety through it.
  • Today

    The sun is shining, the weather is warm, things are finally looking up for me. I play a little piano and flute whenever I can to keep myself happy. I remind myself every day that when all else fails, music speaks.