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My Freshman Year!

  • First day of school

    First day of school
    The first day of my freshman year, i was scared at first but then once i got here it was so fun! I wore a orange shirt i got from american eagle
  • Period: to

    Freshman Year at a view!

    As the year comes to a close, it is time to reflect on and celebrate the moments that made it memorable, and to commemorate them in a lasting tribute. Your assignment is to create a timeline of this school year using Time Toast (http://www.timetoast.com).  See an example at: http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/its-the-climb.
  • Reunited with Hunter Gregg!

    Reunited with Hunter Gregg!
    I had class with hunter in 8th grade and we were really close, but then over the summer we didnt really talk. When i saw that he was in my comm arts class i was so happy! i tell him alot of my problems and he gives me good advice.
  • 16!!

    My sister turned 16! she got a red car and has been inseperable ever sense!!
  • Football Game!!

    Football Game!!
    I went to my first Varisty football game as a freshman! It was so intense, i lost my voice from screaming so loud! it was the first time i sat in the student section.
  • Controlling idea

    Controlling idea
    TRUTH!! When your intune with your star player. " Dont let the fear of what you cant do, stop you from what you can do." This means if you spend all your time trying to be something your not then you will never know who you really are.
  • Freshman making JV/ Varisty volleyball

    Freshman making JV/ Varisty volleyball
    Hope, Lucy, and I were the only freshman to make the JV team in volleyball. I was the only freshman to make the Varsity team. I had the most kills on the JV team and had the most blocks.
  • Twilight series

    Twilight series
    I finished reading this series for the 100th time!! not really but i read this series alot and really liked them. It is about vampires and love and i love the book!!
  • Freshman on Varsity?

    Freshman on Varsity?
    I was the only freshman to make varsity basketball. I went in for my sister when she needed a break. Then one game i hurt my ankle, and after i got better i didnt play much varsity, i went and started JV.
  • House of night series.

    House of night series.
    I finished the house of night series, it is about a girl who turns into a vampire, and she is really powerful but she isnt aware of it. She ends up saving the world, but there is a lot of loss and saddness in the story also.
  • Will you marry me?

    Will you marry me?
    My mom was going to Pheonix to meet her boy friends dad, when she got off the plane he held up a sign that said michelle, then when she got closer he flipped it over and it said Will you marry me!!
  • Character and setting!

    Character and setting!
    How does setting affect our perceptions of character?
    A: You see and know how they act around and with the setting so you see how they are based on how they act with the setting.
  • Point of view

    Point of view
    1st person: narrator is a character int he story. Has limited perspective as they can only see the story from their own point. I, Me, We, Us.
    2nd person: rarest. narrator dirsctly addresses the audience. You and your.
    3rd person limited: not a character in the story. knows everything about 1 or 2 characters and little about others. explains thoughts and motives of 1 or 2. So and So felt, So and So wanted.
    3rd person omniscient: Not a character in the story.
  • 5 senses

    5 senses
    The 5 senses might be important to a writer because then they can describe the story with more detail so the reader can reall get into the story
  • Lovely Bones

    Lovely Bones
    The Lovely Bones was about a girl who was murdered and she is telling her story while her family is greaving. She is trying to lead her dad to her murderer. This was the best book i have ever read!
  • Baseball!!

    I like watching baseball it is fun to watch. My bestfriend played and i watched almost all of his games. He did good
  • My 15th Birthday!!

    My 15th Birthday!!
    I was so excited to go take my drivers test so that i could drive! but i didnt pass it:/ I got an ipod touch for my birthday though! and me and my friends went to zona rosa to shop! it was awesome
  • My best writing project!

    My best writing project!
    The writing project i was most proud of was the American reasearch project! This was my best i think because i really got into my story. i worked very hard on it and am very proud of myself.
  • A truth that changed my life.

    A truth that changed my life.
    " Live each day like its your life, because your not promised tomorrow." i just watched alot of movies over the year and realized that i might not live tomorrow, and live each day like you wont see tomorrow.
  • Seniors last day!!!

    Seniors last day!!!
    I am going to miss bre!! This year wouldnt have been the same without her! I will miss her soo much. The last basketball game i played with her was a time i will never forget! I wish the best for her. I will miss alot of my other senior friends. I wont miss Clarissa Peterson.
  • Basketball tourney!

    Basketball tourney!
    My traveling basketball team got 3rd place in our first tournment! We had 7 people! we were tired. But we pushed through and i had an awesome time