My Freshman year.

  • Ugh. School.

    Ugh. School.
    The first day of school. We learned the word metacognative. I learned that I am not metaconative. I'd say that is probably one of the truths I learned this year.
  • All the way to the end

    All the way to the end
    The first book I started for class this year was "Gothic". It was actuly several mini-stories put into one book and most of them weren't that scary. After that it was "Daniel X", "Hikaru no go" (4), "May Bird", "Hetalia" (1), "Ghost hunt" (1-4), "Aoi House"(1), "The selected works of T.S. Spivet", "Aoi House"(2), "Necropolis", "World War Z", "The Alcheyst", and Finaly the last book I read "The Best Book of Useless Information Ever".
  • marukite chikyuu

    marukite chikyuu
    Read Hetalia which led to my fangirling over it which lead to my nickname "Austria" or "Rodirich Edelstein". Its kind of funny to see how people react when they hear my friends call me by a guy's name.
  • Beautiful

    I found that there are many forms of beauty and that some people have diffrent tastes in things like that.
  • Happy new year!

    Happy new year!
    I... can't remember what happend... I really just have bad memory... Really, really bad memory.
  • ~"We are the toon town heros"~

    ~"We are the toon town heros"~
    (Yes those really are lyrics to a song) I wrote about my hero Tessa Stone (the creator of "Hanna is not a Boys Name") and how I want to be able to post my work out there for the world to see. I'm still hoping.
  • Literary analysis?

    Literary analysis?
    learned about diffrent parts of literature (like the title, characters, plot, setting, p.o.v., theme, figurative language, authors style, text features) and about analyzing it.
  • Naka kon day one

    Naka kon day one
    Went to Naka kon with Italy-chan (Kaylin) and bobbi. Dressed as Tsubaki. Though I missed the first day. Watched the cosplay contest, saw the samurai, fan-girled at Hetalia/Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Hanna is Not a Boys Hame/Hellsing/Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers, and meet up with Greyson and Breanne.
  • Naka kon day two

    Naka kon day two
    Last day of Naka Kon. Rude awakaning by bobbi, but funny. Learned about pointy weapons and bad pickup lines ( I kid you not, "my love for you is like diarreah. It's never ending") watched a blond tell dumb blond jokes, broke my weapon, played Apples to Apples with a Kaito and America cosplayer, and bought a $20 (wooden) sword for $19. It was awesome and thank you random vendor!
  • Happy endings? or not...

    Happy endings? or not...
    How to create an effective ending! Adding a twist or keeping it open, endings are there to... well... end? This lesson helped me a bit, but not on the story we where working on at that momment. Kind of funny, huh?
  • Snake? My best writing of this year.

    Snake? My best writing of this year.
    The story I wrote about Hebi and his wife Taka was the most fun to write and it was the best I wrote. I hope maybe I can write it again though (to make it longer and better). Note Hebi( the main character's name) means snake.
  • The last song... for now.

    The last song... for now.
    My last concert this year. Played with some of central's band members. The funny thing about this concert, though is that it was cooler on stage than in the audience, which is a good thing too considering we where wearing head-to-toe black. Songs played: poeme symphonique les preludes, themes from the "scheherazade", and the Harry Potter symphonic suite (In that order). I only have this to say: This is the first time I have ever heard of a 32nd note and they made a bad first impression.
  • Last time

    Last time
    The last day of orchestra.The last time I'll ever see Greyson and Breanne. I'll remember them forever. Okay okay, I'll see them again next year, but I still miss them.
  • Summer! Woot!

    Summer! Woot!
    The last day of school! 'nuff said. (I'm going to sleep in late, and stay up till 3 a.m., and eat junk food, and...)